San Francisco Giants: Why You Shouldn't Count Them out in the NL West Just Yet

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2011

San Francisco Giants: Why You Shouldn't Count Them out in the NL West Just Yet

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    Have you even seen the San Francisco Giants play lately? They have been absolutely horrific both offensively and defensively, while their starting staff hasn't been much better.

    While the Giants are six games back of the division-leading Arizona Diamondbacks—and I will be the first person to tell you that they are in bad shape—I think they still have a chance.

Arizona Is the Team in First Place

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    The Arizona Diamondbacks are a pretty talented and well-rounded team, shockingly.

    Their bullpen was pathetic last year, but the emergence of J.J. Putz has really put a spark in the squad. Their starting pitching is weak but consistent, and their offense is stacked, led by Justin Upton.

    Still, they have no experience, and I know you could argue that the Giants had no experience last season, but that doesn't mean anything. Just because the Giants were successful, it doesn't mean that success is the most likely option.

    Arizona has a good chance of making the playoffs, but their lack of experience could easily lead to disaster in the end.

The Giants Are Feeling Desperate

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    If we all know one thing about the Giants, it's that they love torture!

    What does torture entail?

    It means that the Giants will hurt us and make us sweat through our shirts right until the very end, where they succeed. Not to say that they will succeed, but if they are a truly tortuous team, then they still have a chance to shock the world.

The Giants Have an Easy Schedule Down the Stretch

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    Thankfully, the Giants don't have too bad a schedule at the end of the season.

    In fact, they don't even play anyone outside the National League West.

    The spunky Dodgers are just beyond the horizon and the pitiful Padres aren't too far away, either. The Giants have a great chance to get some wins in and hopefully catch the Diamondbacks.

6 Games Against the Diamondbacks

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    I know this kind of ties in with the last comment, but I think it is very important.

    The Giants are only six games out and they play the division leaders six times. That's fantastic. Even if they win four of the six, that moves them within four games, which is very manageable.

    Plus, if the Giants do well against Arizona in their next three-game series (starting tomorrow), that could give the Giants confidence down the stretch.