MLB: The Coolest Baseball Card in Every Franchise's History

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MLB: The Coolest Baseball Card in Every Franchise's History

If baseball is America's pastime, baseball card collecting is its child.

Almost everyone who has been a baseball fan has collected baseball cards at one time or another. Whether buying rare cards off eBay or waiting for the day in February when the newest set of cards came out, every baseball fan has a story about cards to tell.

I stole a pack of cards from my local card store when I was seven years old. I hid them in my back pocket and walked out of the store nonchalantly with my dad.

And it was all because I saw the Manny Ramirez card through the plastic protector.

In honor of this great part of being a baseball fan, I compiled a list of the coolest baseball cards for each team.

About halfway through the research, however, I determined that this looked more like the funniest card for each team.

Whatever you want to call it, here is the coolest baseball card for each MLB team.


Author's note: Thanks to for a lot of the cards used in the slideshow.

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