Packers-Bears: Bears Needed to Get Destroyed to Learn a Lesson

Max KienzlerAnalyst INovember 17, 2008

I am going to say it. After the game, I called my brother in New York and he voiced feelings that really stuck with me:


Now, before the lynching starts, don't get me wrong. I love the Chicago Bears. I hate losing to the Packers. I hate it. If we went 2-14, but the only two wins were against the Yellow and Green, I would be content. (I celebrated Brett Favre's "retirement" and called it Three F Day, aka "Free From Favre.")

But seriously, our defense is miserable. We all know it. I think the past couple weeks its been obvious to every single Bears fan that our pass coverage is one of the worst in the league and we are completely incapable of pressuring the QB.

Aaron Rodgers on the pass pressure he had: "I don’t think I hit the ground...No sacks, no quarterback hits…When you’re not getting touched in the pocket, you can stand in there and throw with a lot of confidence, and that’s what I did.”

We needed to get destroyed. We needed a game where the other team bent us over and spanked us silly. Why? BECAUSE OUR DEFENSE IS USELESS!

Lovie's take on it: "Defensively, run, pass, we didn't play well. Weren't able to stop either one...We realize there's a lot we have to get corrected."

NO KIDDING LOVIE?!? REALLY? Wow, well done. This is why your the head coach. I don't think I ever could have figured out that. MORON. I am curious, what were you thinking after the Falcons game about correcting the pass? Or the Vikings game, where they scored 42 points against us? Or how about the Lions game, where our defense made Dan Orlovsky look like a Pro Bowler? (Let me say that again, Dan Orlovsky looked like a Pro Bowler. God that is just painful to look at.)

And then, of course, the seven point loss to the Titans where Kerry Collins, who should be eligible for social security soon, picked us apart for his best game in two plus years. What was the rational there Lovie? I would really like to know.

From Lovie's postgame news conference after the Titans game, "They are definitely finding spots in the defense."

Lovie from the Lions postgame, "First half some of the passes, we can't allow them to catch some of the passes they did, we are better than that."


I don't care what smoke you try blowing up our asses. The simple fact of the matter is that our defense has played bad enough to have gotten blown out four or five times this year and it finally happened. It was like playing Russian Roulette by knew at some point that bullet was going to hit you, you just weren't sure when. Well, this week was it. And God help me, but all of the sudden Marc Bulger, Donnie Avery, and Torry Holt scare me a little bit more than they should.

This season is a wash. End of story.

And just for the record, the only defensive player to show up this past week was Mike Brown. I realize Mike Brown has lost a step or two, but personally I would rather have 11 guys that played as hard as Mike Brown that were only "decent" players then have 11 guys that are considered "stars" that don't play with the same heart.