Madden 12 Player Ratings: 4 New England Patriots Who Got Jobbed

Ryan Phillips@@RumorsandRantsContributor IIIAugust 31, 2011

Madden 12 Player Ratings: 4 New England Patriots Who Got Jobbed

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    Every year the folks at EA Sports take some heat for players they have undervalued in their ratings. Madden 12 is no exception as several players on the New England Patriots have received laughably low ratings.

    The Patriots may have fallen a bit from where they were a few years ago, but their roster is just as stacked as it has ever been.

    Here is a list of the four players with the most to complain to EA Sports about.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

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    He may not be a household name, but BenJarvus Green-Ellis was an absolute rock for the Patriots last season.

    In his third season out of Ole Miss, Green-Ellis had a career year. On 229 carries he rushed for 1,008 yards and 13 touchdowns. He took over as the Patriots' power back and held on to the spot all year long.

    How did he get rewarded for his efforts? With an 82 overall rating. As if to add insult to injury that's the same rating Danny Woodhead received.

    While I like Woodhead and think he's a great story, he didn't have half the year Green-Ellis did.

    Green-Ellis isn't a speedster, and that shows with his speed (84), acceleration (87) and agility (79) ratings. But he gets jobbed on strength (78) and stamina (86), while he could also use a higher injury (87) rating.

Aaron Hernandez

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    Tight end Aaron Hernandez had a fantastic rookie season for the Patriots in 2010. He finished his first year in the league with 45 catches for 563 yards and six touchdowns and became a very reliable target for Tom Brady.

    Unfortunately, the Madden 12 people didn't see fit to reward Hernandez with a great ratings boost this season. The second-year man out of Florida clocks in with an 82 overall rating.

    Hernandez gets good marks for speed (84), acceleration (90) and agility (87), but clearly the Madden folks don't think he's particularly strong. He has just a 62 strength rating, which is just two points better than diminutive receiver Julian Edelman.

    Hernandez does boast 88 catch ability and and 87 jumping rating, which shows respect for his immense athleticism. But he looses points on awareness (67) and toughness (75).

    I don't agree with Hernandez being anywhere below an 85.

Devin McCourty

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    I mean, why would you rate Devin McCourty higher than an 87? All he did as a rookie in 2010 was start all 16 games, make 82 tackles, grab seven interceptions, one sack, force two fumbles and record 17 passes defensed.

    On top of that, he was a Pro Bowler, and was voted First Team All-Pro by Sporting News and Second Team All-Pro by The Associated Press.

    So, yeah, I think the kid has a case for some more respect from the Madden people.

    McCourty gets great marks for his speed (93), acceleration (94) and agility (93). Where he gets jobbed is in awareness (74), toughness (77), tacking (66) and press coverage (76).

    Personally, I don't think there are five corners in the NFL better than McCourty right now. It's too bad his ratings don't reflect that.

Matt Light

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    While he might be a little older and a tad less athletic than he once was, Matt Light is still an elite offensive tackle. Tom Brady's long-time blindside protector made the Pro Bowl for the third time in 2010. The Madden 12 staff rewarded him with an 88 overall rating.

    Light is given great awareness (93), strength (88), stamina (93) and pass blocking (92) marks, but his run blocking number (87) is lower than I would have put it. Additionally, his run blocking strength (85) and footwork (85) are both low for one of the most technically sound offensive linemen in the NFL.

    While an 88 isn't a terrible rating I think as an overall mark for an extremely accomplished left tackle it is lower than it should be.