NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears Cut Chester Taylor: Never Mind—Ok, Do It Already

Jeff ChaseSenior Analyst IIAugust 30, 2011

Chester Taylor, Actually Doing Something.
Chester Taylor, Actually Doing Something.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears sent their fans into confusion on Monday night.

During the day, news was released that Chester Taylor was being released, only moments later to be clarified that this information was false.

Then there were rumblings again that perhaps this information was released too early, and that in the end Chester Taylor would be cut or traded from the Chicago Bears sooner than later. Jerry Angelo and the Chicago Bears just need to make up their minds. Now.

It makes sense that the Bears would want to cut Taylor. The Bears have Matt Forte, Marion Barber and insurance in Kahil Bell. With Forte and Barber, the Bears already have an agile and powerful backfield pair. Taylor just doesn't really fit in the system. Coach Lovie Smith told him this, and that should have been the end of the situation.

The issue is though, what is going on at Hallas Hall? Perhaps the Bears are looking to move him before just cutting ties. The Bears just dug themselves a hole there, though. Teams know they will be able to get Taylor in free agency now without giving anything up. I just am not sure if anyone is going to come calling.

The Bears should just cut Taylor now. He obviously has no place in the running game, and he is an aging veteran who didn't serve his purpose last year. Initially, the Taylor signing was a good move. We were able to take away what was a decent weapon from a rival, but ultimately he just didn't perform to what the Bears expected.

I think this was made clear in Chicago when they went out and grabbed former Dallas Cowboys running back Barber. In all honesty, Barber is going to make a better option than Taylor. Barber can plow through defenses. All the Bears can hope, though, is that he won't be under-performing like Taylor did following his move.

The Bears need to make the move right now to cut Chester Taylor, re-sign Matt Forte and move on with the running game. Once they get this situation with Taylor out of the way and settle things with Forte, the Chicago Bears will have one less thing to worry about on offense. That offensive line, though, is going to take a little longer.