Tiki Barber, 6 NFL Free Agents Nobody Will Sign This Year

Clay DefayetteCorrespondent IIIAugust 30, 2011

Tiki Barber, 6 NFL Free Agents Nobody Will Sign This Year

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    It's not a shocker around the league that a running back of Tiki Barber's age and perception hasn't been picked up by an organization. The game today lends itself to the fresh legs of instinctive running backs, no matter what college they are coming from.

    These other veterans, for different reasons, have not and will not be picked up at any point this season.

Tiki Barber

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    He finished his career strong in New York. Unfortunately for Barber, that marks the end.

    While contending teams could use his receiving and blocking skills out of the backfield, no one appears to be willing to take on his personality in their locker room. The Dolphins worked Barber out and then decided to sign Larry Johnson.

    Not much has to be said after that.

Clinton Portis

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    Washington head coach Mike Shanahan couldn't even get Portis to produce on a starting running back's level. His legs appeared to be toast in Washington, but at least Portis got his money unlike many other good running backs.

    Portis also worked out for Miami and, like mentioned before, it chose Larry Johnson.

    Clinton's ego on his past production likely wouldn't see him taking a minimum deal to block pass rushers on third down. He's earned enough cash and he could prevent further bodily harm by staying away.

    On an unrelated note, remember how quietly Shaun Alexander left the league? Or do you even know that he's gone?

Terrell Owens

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    Owens posted a video of himself working out on his newly reconstructed knee. Physical shape won't be a question for teams on Owens, but his attitude will be.

    Usually players still going strong during their upper 30s are motivated by winning, but it seems that statistics and a nice check is fine with T.O. There is nothing wrong with that, but his talent level at this point in his career doesn't outweigh the negatives or his reality show. Canton 2015 for Terrell Owens awaits.

JaMarcus Russell

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    He's reportedly lost weight. Teams can no longer consider using him as an offensive lineman and the Raiders have found a new No. 6.

    On a serious note, Russell would have to sign early in the offseason in order to learn a team's playbook. The lockout didn't permit that to happen this year, nor has Russell's work ethic throughout his pathetic career.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh

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    Houshmandzadeh works best in the slot now and many teams like their younger receivers to fill that role.  Even Wes Welker is an abnormality. Seattle is where wide receivers go to die and Houshmandzadeh has found this out.

    Hopefully for the former Bengal's sake he can find a team like Indianapolis to join. Austin Collie seems to keep getting concussions anyway.

    But wasn't Baltimore supposed to be a good fit for T.J.?

Carson Palmer

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    In order for Palmer to be signed by someone, he'd have to be cut first. Mike Brown will not budge nor will Palmer. It'd be a classic scene if Palmer decided to show up and eat over $10 million in cap room from Cincinnati.

    Maybe he'll want to take it out on the team after they cut his brother Jordan Palmer, a move Carson predicted way ahead of time. Knowing how the Bengals organization runs, they'd start him even if he shows up at the last possible second.

Darren Sharper

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    Sharper wants more than the veteran minimum and rightly so after the career he has had. However, he would have been picked up by the Saints for what he accomplished for New Orleans if he was going to be on any NFL roster.

    His knee condition can't be great, he may not want to be a backup, or he doesn't desire to game as much after the Super Bowl win.

    Either way, Sharper should help an on-the-verge team but it looks like he'll be watching or living the good life.