San Diego Chargers' Top 5 Plays of 2011 Preseason

Camrin BaucomContributor IIIAugust 29, 2011

San Diego Chargers' Top 5 Plays of 2011 Preseason

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    Going into Week 4 of the 2011 preseason, the San Diego Chargers have been making spectacular plays.

    Veterans go out there to get ready for the season, while rookies try to impress coaches with stellar plays and get themselves noticed to make the team.

    Hundreds of plays have been ran this preseason, and we look for the best ones to pay close attention to, whether it's to see if the starters are ready for the regular season or to see if the young players can vie for a roster spot.

    Here are the top five plays through Week 3 of this preseason.

5. Antonio Gates Tiptoes for a TD

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    Antonio Gates, a premier tight end in the NFL today despite having a nagging foot injury during his career, came up big at the right time in Week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals.

    The Chargers were down 3-17 in the second quarter. In the red zone, Philip Rivers threw to his most trusted target on the right edge of the end zone, and Gates snatched it and stayed in bounds for a touchdown. 

4. Mike Tolbert Dives for a Touchdown

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    Mike Tolbert is a big little dude; being 5'9" and 250 pounds, he's able to plow his way through most defensive lines.

    But man, this guy got hops. He leaped over the pylon for a touchdown while almost being pushed out of bounds against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 of the 2011 preseason.

    I tried looking for a video of this play, but unfortunately wants to keep this one all to itself.

3. Randy McMichael's Toe-Tapping Touchdown

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    Randy McMichael is the second-string tight end behind—as you have already seen—starter Antonio Gates.

    McMichael had the start in Week 2 versus the Dallas Cowboys because Gates had problems with his foot as of late.

    Early in the second quarter, on the Dallas 7-yard line, Rivers threw to an open McMichael on the right of the end zone, and McMichael made sure he got his feet down to finish the catch.

    Great play.

2. Bryan Walters' 103-Yard Journey

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    Bryan Walters is an astounding young receiver looking to grab a spot on the Chargers' roster.

    He backed up his worth with this blazing 103-yard kickoff return for a touchdown at the end of the third quarter in Week 1 against the Seahawks.

    He almost stumbled near midfield but regained his balance to keep his trek to the end zone going.

    I'm sure he's in for the last game to show what he's got.

    How is this not No. 1? Let's see what can beat it.  

1. Bryan Walters: In the Clutch

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    This is a two-in-one top play.

    What more can Bryan Walters do?

    He can return, he's got good hands, he can catch under pressure—he can seemingly do it all.

    In Week 3 versus the Cardinals, the Chargers had one last drive to go for the win. Backup quarterback Billy Volek led the Bolts down field with excellent composure.

    On the Cardinals' 41-yard line with 16 seconds left on the clock, Volek threw a stripe down the middle that was tipped by the Cardinals, when Walters tipped the ball to himself and brought it down for the catch at the 14-yard line. Note the great hands that the guy has.

    Then, with eight seconds left, Volek had one chance to get the ball into the end zone to win the game. He looked to an open Walters on the right side of the field and Walters caught the ball to trot in for a touchdown that would seal the win for the Chargers with three seconds remaining.

    It was one to remember, especially when you're evaluating the team in clutch situations.

    That was the top five plays through Week 3 of the 2011 preseason. Can't wait to see what the last preseason game has in store for us.