Denver Broncos: 11 Fantasy Football Names Derived from the Orange Crush

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IAugust 29, 2011

Denver Broncos: 11 Fantasy Football Names Derived from the Orange Crush

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    For those playing fantasy football, having a sweet team name is almost as important as your team.

    Therefore, I am here to help those needing some ideas.

    If anything, allow this slide to—at the very least—help you brainstorm for a team name. Some are corny, others are clever and then there are the obvious ones.

    Nonetheless, many can be derived from any team, so here are 11 from the Denver Broncos.


    NOTE: All names are from current people in the Broncos organization.

Orton Hears a Who!

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    It's pretty obvious that this one is taken from Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

    However, it still has a nice ring to it and is uniquely original. 

Von "Down by The" Miller

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    This is my actual fantasy football team name, and it comes from a character named Matt Foley.

    For those who are unaware of Foley, he is a motivational speaker that lives, "IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!" and is played by the funniest human being to ever live, Chris Farley.

Eddie Royal's Flush

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    It's very obvious, but don't lie. You know you'd love to have a royal flush when playing poker.

The Fantastic Mr. John Fox

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    If you're a fan of the acclaimed film director Wes Anderson (like myself), then this one is for you.

    Let's just hope the "fantastic" part becomes a reality by season's end.

Sir Robert Von Doom

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    This one is not mine, but it is very good. It comes from ZacMan, who is a big Denver fan.

    Much thanks to ZacMac for this one.

    It covers Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers. Got to love the defense.

Dude, Let's Go Bowlen

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    Anyone ever watch The Big Lebowski with Jeff Bridges, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi?

    This fantasy name couldn't be any more ironic or amazing.

Ryan and the McBean-Stalk

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    Yeah it's kind of corny, but who wouldn't want to climb a beanstalk?

    Maybe Ryan can help us out.

Elway or the Highway

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    This one is also kind of corny, but you can't deny that whether he was a player or in his current position in Denver, it's always been "Elway or the Highway."

    Can't win without him.

Brady Quinn Medicine Man

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    Probably the most awkward fantasy name on here, especially since the TV show was actually called, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

    But, doing a pun from The Brady Bunch would have been even more cliche.

Hangin' with Mr. Kuper

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    Arguably the best and most clever/unique fantasy name on this list, all us us '90s kids wanted to hang with Mr. Cooper from 1992 through 1997.

    It was a great TV show back then and also makes one awesome fantasy name.

Mark "Dude You're Gettin' A" Dell

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    It's pretty obvious that this one comes from the guy who said, "Dude you're gettin' a Dell" on the Dell computer commercials.

    However, it still works, and here's hoping former Michigan State wide receiver Mark Dell makes the team.