NFL Roster Cuts 2011: 5 Green Bay Packers Who Deserve to Be Let Go

Michael KimbleContributor IIIAugust 29, 2011

NFL Roster Cuts 2011: 5 Green Bay Packers Who Deserve to Be Let Go

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    Every team has its weak players, its players that just can't be counted on to get the job done every Sunday. Although the Packers are coming off a Super Bowl victory, they have those type of players just like any other team.

    Ted Thompson will surely have to make some difficult decisions to make when compiling the final roster, but there are some players Thompson should seriously consider cutting to allow more promising, or perhaps more talented players. This article lists the 5 Packers that should be cut when the roster is trimmed.

5. Ricky Elmore

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    The Arizona defensive end certainly showed a lot of promise coming out of college, and many thought he could be a steal for the Packers in the sixth round.

    However, Elmore has struggled in training camp, as he has transferred from defensive end to outside linebacker. As a result, Elmore will likely be cut, but because of his potential, will probably find himself signing with the practice squad.

4. Nick McDonald

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    This year in training camp, Nick McDonald has probably been best known for getting into a heated fight with his fellow offensive lineman Marshall Newhouse during practice. Throughout camp, McDonald has also been playing at center, a position he is still learning, but has been struggling with.

    The offensive line as a whole has had its troubles, and McDonald appears to be one of the weaker backups on the line-and will likely find himself on the practice squad at best.

3. Andrew Quarless

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    Although Quarless hasn't had a bad training camp by any means, he is playing a position that is already deep, with Jermichael Finley-who has proven himself an extremely versatile threat; Tom Crabtree, who is clearly the strongest blocking tight end in the group; and rookies D.J. Williams and Ryan Taylor, both of whom have shown potential so far in training camp.

    Quarless is similar to Finley in body type and in abilities, as they are both pass-catching tight ends, but there just may not be enough room for Quarless, who made plenty of great plays last year, but was largely inconsistent, and failed to prove himself to be the receiving threat than Finley is. He will probably get a chance on the practice squad, but there are just so many tight ends on the Packers roster that may make Quarless the odd man out.

2. Brandon Underwood

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    Underwood has experienced his fair share of off-the-field troubles, getting in trouble for domestic assault over the summer, but that isn't the only reason that he should be cut.

    Underwood has been disappointing at the cornerback position, and has never really proven himself to be worth the trouble that he sometimes causes off the field.

    Given the fact that he is a backup, he is likely not a huge distraction, but the Packers have never really found a place for him on the field. They may be wise to cut him loose, and give his spot to players that have shown more promise than he has this year in training camp.

1. Pat Lee

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    Pat Lee is another cornerback who has struggled for most of his career.

    Drafted in the second round of the 2008 draft, many had high expectations for Lee, but he simply hasn't performed to those expectations. Younger players like Sam Shields, or developing players like Tramon Williams, have consistently surpassed him in performance, and have landed starting jobs, whereas Lee continues to sit on the bench.

    This year in training camp, there have been plenty of defensive backs that have showed potential, which may signal that Pat Lee's time in Green Bay may finally be up.