New York Yankees' Offseason Preview

Tomer TalmyCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008

Although they won close to 90 games this past season, the Yankees played a brand of baseball that was very different from years past. Because of the recent failure in the playoffs and the Octoberless first season under Joe Girardi, many fans are calling for a big offseason.

Although I agree on the fact that giving up young players for aging veterans is not always the way to go, the Yankees need to improve vastly to contend after moving across the street in the Bronx.

This season marked an end to an era in the old Yankee Stadium, and next year will be a new beginning, with what I think will be a new team.

Here is the offseason that I propose for the Yankees.

These moves will be very costly but will put the Yankees in great position going into next season.


C-Posada 1B-Giambi 2B-Cano SS-Jeter 3B-A-Rod RF-Nady CF-Cameron LF-Ramirez DH-Damon

I think the Yankees should bring in Mike Cameron, because he is not too costly yet is still efficient.

Manny Ramirez has to be signed, too. He is a veteran right-handed hitter with a ton of power—something that the Yankees lacked that for most of 2008. People forget the offensive problems early in the season and the Yankees lacked offensive production throughout 2008.

Manny Ramirez has to be part of this team even with his age and expensive price tag.



1. Sabathia 2. Wang 3. Pettitte 4. Mussina/Perez 5. Hughes

I think the Yankees have to bring in CC Sabathia at any cost. After making a mistake on Johan Santana last season, the Yankees can not miss out on this opportunity to get a premiere starter at the top of the rotation.

Since the golden age of Roger Clemens at the top of the rotation, the Yankees have laced a premiere starter. Sabathia is a "can’t miss" pitcher (unless he gets injured!) and the Yankees have to pursue him.

Assuming Mussina retires I think the Yankees should consider bringing in Oliver Perez. He has experience in New York and if he could become more consistent he will be one of baseball's top pitchers. In my opinion, Pettitte will come back for one more season in the new stadium.


Bullpen CL-Rivera, SU-Chamberlain, MR-Cordero, MR-Bruney, MR-Veras, MR-Ramirez

I think the Yankees should bring in Chad Cordero as a middle reliever. He is available through free agency and has shown some sparks of greatness in Washington. He will not cost a lot of money and is not that great of a risk.