New York Yankees: Triple Crown

Richard MarshSenior Analyst INovember 14, 2008

Well it certainly looks like The Kentucky Derby, Preakness and The Belmont Stakes will all be held in the Bronx this summer. The Evil Empire made it official today, on the first legal day of free agency offerings, by opening up the offers to CC Sabathia to the tune of $140 million for six years.

Interesting that they just wanted to make sure it was just enough more than the Santana deal last year with The Mets. Everybody knows this was a surprise winner because the Yankees wouldn't part with their, or at least what they thought at the time, was a trio of future Hall of Fame pitchers.

We all know in 2008 how that worked out. I give the Bombers credit, and those who know me, I don't do that often, for letting their fans know that their 2008 finish was unacceptable. The word is that AJ Burnett and Derrick Lowe will not be far behind in the timing of offers presented to them. Many GM's have privately said they wouldn't be in shock if they got all three. Deep pockets huh.

My picture above is of course Shea. Why here? Because I want to again let the Wilpons and Omar know that unless they want more repeats of the last two years, The Mets will have plenty of empty seats in Citi Field by the end of 2009 and all of 2010.

They have to be in the hunt. With all this said, I wouldn't sell Omar short quite yet. We have to remember Pedro, the two Carlos and Johann is not a bad track record and despite the Castillo debacle, I think we should not hang him out to dry quite yet.

However, if the Wilpons are tight then not only will we continue to get beat on the back pages of The Post and The News, but Philadelphia will make the month of September a non entity.

At least in New York or isn't it really Jersey, The Jets, after a Giant winning Superbowl season went and got Brett Favre to compete in the AFC East as well with The Giants for the exposure, and after last nights amazing overtime victory over the Pats, The Mets should definitely take a page out of The Jets game plan. PAY TO WIN.