MLB: 4 Reasons Why Heath Bell Won't Improve Giants' World Series Chances

Jordan LewisContributor IIIAugust 26, 2011

MLB: 4 Reasons Why Heath Bell Won't Improve Giants' World Series Chances

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    The San Francisco Giants have claimed Heath Bell off waivers.

    Heath Bell, the guy who is actively one of the premier closers in baseball. The guy who was the most sought after closer at the trade deadline. The guy who won't help the Giants' chances of repeating as World Series Champions.

    While Heath Bell would be a blessing with no disguise to several playoff contenders, he will be quite the opposite in San Francisco.

    Here are four reasons why.

1. Heath Bell, Meet Brian Wilson

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    The Giants, while claiming a 47 save closer from 2010, also happen to have a 48 save closer already in the bullpen, and although Wilson is injured with no set return date in mind, Bell seems to be a bit of an expensive insurance policy. But that could just be me.

    Wilson is as reliable in the ninth inning as any man on earth, and while he isn't expected back until September, he is the guy who will likely be taking the mound when he does return.

    Granted, Bell can be a valuable fill in until then, but when Wilson is healthy Bell will be a valuable fill in on the bench.

    Bell is a fabulous closer, who brings major potential to any team who acquires him.

    However, when the team's current closer offers more potential, assets need to be spent on more sensible opportunities.

    Which leads to my next point... 

2. Giants Should Be Claiming Hitters

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    San Francisco's focus should be on acquiring hitters, pure and simple.

    With a batting order who's power generation is represented by a guy with 15 home runs, Giants' eyes should be on any of the several experienced bats dangling on the waiver wire.

    Jim Thome, after recently hitting his 600th home run, seems like a good bet.

    Or, I should say seemed like a good bet, as it looks as though San Francisco has missed out on this opportunity. Reports state that Thome has been claimed by the Cleveland Indians.

    This shouldn't discourage the Giants though, as Thome's hard hitting teammate Jason Kubel, and Cubs slugger Carlos Pena are also available.

    Scratch that, they have also been claimed.

    The point is, while San Francisco meddled in the Padres' bullpen, hitters who would have potentially removed the laughing stock label from the Giants' lineup were snatched up by other teams who know their priorities.

3. Bell's All Star Experience Comes with Zero Postseason Experience

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    This is Brian Wilson greeting the fans at the 2010 World Series parade.

    A parade Heath Bell would have had to have been in the crowd to ever been present in.

    That's right, while Wilson led his team to the World Series and beyond in his first postseason, Bell has never had the privilege of even appearing in a playoff game.

    Wilson converted on six of seven save opportunities in the postseason in 2010, while striking out 16 batters in 11.2 innings and posting a 0.00 ERA, while Bell has yet to throw a pitch in the postseason.

    Anything Bell would be able to bring to the team in a playoff run can be matched, and likely exceeded by Wilson.

4. Heath Bell Would Cost Assets Giants Cannot Afford to Part with

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    It's uncertain what the Giants would have to part with to acquire Bell, but you can be sure it'll be more than a bag of balls.

    If it doesn't cost them pitching prospects, one of whom already departed San Francisco when Zach Wheeler was moved to New York for Carlos Beltran, it will absolutely cost minor league bats, or major league bats.

    Depleting their minor leagues for a second closer is not wise, and the alternative of losing any of their major league batters makes no more sense.

    The Giants just became the worst scoring team in the major leagues, getting passed by the Seattle Mariners last night.

    If one of the worst teams in baseball manufacturing runs better than the defending champs isn't a big enough sign that your batting order needs help, than all hope for a repeat is lost.