Denver Broncos: 4 Creative Ways John Fox Can Work Tim Tebow into the Offense

Nathan BadleyCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2011

Denver Broncos: 4 Creative Ways John Fox Can Work Tim Tebow into the Offense

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    When a player wins a Heisman trophy in their sophomore season in the NCAA, the future seems pretty well mapped out. You finish your college career, enter the NFL draft, rake in the endorsement money, become a star and, if all goes according to plan, end your career as a legend. 

    As the first sophomore winner in history, Tim Tebow, definitely looked to be on that path. Tebow has been more than hyped, creating a large NFL fanbase before he even took an NFL snap. After Denver traded three picks to grab Tebow, Broncos’ fans were hoping they had another Hall-of-Fame quarterback on their hands.

    Unfortunately, Tebow seems to be a great example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Despite earning two Rookie of the Week honors last season, Tebow could possibly end up as the third string quarterback for Denver, falling behind a steady quarterback in Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn, a young quarterback looking for another shot.

    While it looks like the Denver coaching staff is no longer favoring Tebow, there are ways he can still be useful for the Broncos’ offense.

Goal Line Situations

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    Last season, Tebow showed his ability in goal line situations, being brought in specifically to get the touchdown. Using his speed, Tebow was able to get into the end zone six times for the Broncos, two of those runs coming in games where Tebow never once threw a pass.

    While teams have running backs specifically for goal line situations, you do not see that at the quarterback position. Tebow could become a situational quarterback, employing the Wildcat formation when the Broncos need short yardage for a touchdown.

    Denver could even put Tebow in as a running back. With his strength and speed, Tebow could do some damage in this role. The Broncos could keep other teams on their toes by occasionally running a trick play where Tebow passes from the running back position.

Play Tebow at Fullback

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    Tebow is a bruiser. At 6’3” and 245 pounds, Tebow is not the easiest quarterback to bring down. Why not occasionally put Tebow in as a fullback?

    Tebow can run through players and placing him here would give the Broncos another body at fullback, a position where they are not loaded. Tebow has the natural abilities to thrive at this position and, while he may not become an All-Pro fullback, could become a steady player at this position.

    With a bit of training, the Broncos could effectively employ Tebow at fullback, giving them added depth and giving Tebow playing time.

Play Tebow at Tight End

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    For much the same reason that Tebow could play fullback, he could become a tight end.

    Tebow’s size is perfect for a tight end. Here, though, he is much less certain than at fullback. Tebow has proven he could run but we have never seen him try to catch a pass.

    With Tebow’s footwork and size, if he can catch a pass, admittedly a large if, than he might be able to log some time at this spot. His natural athletic ability would allow him to run routes and would make him a threat if he is able to get his hands on the ball. This is just another way to make that happen.

Start Tebow at Quarterback

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    The most creative way Tebow could be put into the Broncos offense? Start him at quarterback.

    After a week of preparing to play against Kyle Orton, a team would be caught off guard by the appearance of Tebow behind center. Tebow’s ability to run the ball would cause a great deal of defensive issues for opposing teams.

    A key start or appearance at quarterback would give the Broncos a mental edge over their opponents and possible affect the game in a major way.