Philadelphia Eagles: Is Vince Young a Better Quarterback Than Michael Vick?

Louis SklenarikContributor IIIAugust 23, 2011

Two totally different quarterbacks? I don't think so.
Two totally different quarterbacks? I don't think so.

The fact that you have clicked on this article shows that you probably laughed when you read the title and now you want to see what possible absurd reasons I have to show why Vince Young may be a better quarterback for the Eagles than Michael Vick.

I was watching 1st & 10 on ESPN this morning when Skip Bayless made the remark that Young would be a better fit to start for the Eagles than Vick. At first I was probably just like you—I just shook my head and changed the channel. However, as I continued to think about it and looked up a few stats, I actually think he might have a point.

Let's start with Vince Young. As a die-hard Tennessee Titans fan I will tell you up front that I am a huge Young supporter. Young got drafted by an organization that treated him very poorly and had to go into a system with a coach that honestly didn't want him. I loved Jeff Fisher, but he never gave Young a chance. Fisher wanted Matt Leinart, Bud Adams wanted Young. The owner always wins that battle.

Young won 63 percent of his starts with the Tennessee Titans, finished his career in Nashville with a record of 30-17 and won the Rookie of the Year award in his first season.

Vick didn't win the ROTY award; he barely played his first season (don't worry I have a few more reasons). Young was thrown right into the system, Vick got to sit and watch a little (although he did play in eight games his first year). Vick's career record is not that impressive, either. He is 37-31-1 in his career. For those of you keeping track at home, that's 53 percent. Young has a better winning percentage.

Young has been in the league for five seasons now. He has been elected to two Pro Bowls over the course those years and suffered though a few injuries while he did it. In Vick's first five seasons, he made three Pro Bowls. They both had injury problems in their first few seasons; running quarterbacks never stay healthy through a whole year. 

During the first five seasons of Michael Vick's career, he played in 58 games and had a touchdown-interception count of 51-38. Don't try to tell me that's amazing, because it's not for an NFL quarterback. Young's ratio is 42-42. They both throw a lot of interceptions.

My favorite stat is the one I was the most surprised about. Young has been routinely criticized for his completion percentage over both the course of his college and NFL career. I swear I heard Merril Hoge torch Young week after week over the fact that he wasn't an NFL QB because his completion percentage was so low. Young has sported a completion percentage of 57.9 percent over the course of his career.

Vick's career completion percentage is 55.3 percent. I don't hear anyone criticizing Vick, though.

I don't believe in the quarterback rating system, but it is a stat that is thrown around a little bit. Vick's quarterback rating for his career is 80.2. Young's rating is 75.7. Don't try to tell me that's a huge difference, because it isn't. According to most analysts and fans, Michael Vick is an elite NFL quarterback, but his rating doesn't show that. Take a look at Peyton Manning's rating of 94.9 if you want to see an elite quarterback.

Everyone also claims that Young is not a leader. He definitely proved that he wasn't in Tennessee and that was what really led to his release. He had that whole issue with the suicide thing, walking out of team meetings along with throwing his pads into the stands after games. He was a franchise player who certainly didn't act like one. He was very immature for his age. I think Vick had some off-field issues himself, though.

After looking at some of these numbers and points, I hope people might start to realize that Young is not that different at all from Vick. They have very similar numbers and issues as quarterbacks in the NFL. I can understand if you still think Vick is a quarterback, but it's closer than you think. If you don't believe me than just watch the Eagles play football this season because there is no way Vick will start all 16 games this year.

Young is going to get his chance whether you want him to or not, and as a kid that watched him his whole career, I can tell you he's not that bad. Some might even say he's on Michael Vick's level. Thanks Skip.