The NFL's All-Time All-Crazy Team

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIAugust 23, 2011

The NFL's All-Time All-Crazy Team

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    There are many different ways in which professional athletes can be crazy. Take Dennis Rodman, for example. That man wore wedding dresses, kicked a cameraman and dyed his hair every color known to mankind.

    The NFL has had its fair share of crazies throughout the years, and while few may be able to give Rodman a run for his money in the crazy department, a handful come very close.

    I’ve compiled the craziest player at each position to create the NFL’s all-time all-crazy team.

Head Coach: Jim Mora

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    Craziest Thing Done: Multiple press conference rants

    When deciding on a coach that could handle all these crazies that I've compiled, I needed to to find the perfect blend of craziness and coaching ability.

    Enter Jim Mora and his timeless press conference ranting. This man always thought his teams were the absolute worst, even when they won.

    He has the perfect attitude to handle this team and lead it to victory. Actually, it is more likely that Mora will lead this team to prison, but it would be entertaining to see what he would have to say after one of their games.

QB: Ryan Leaf

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    Craziest Thing Done: Blaming teammates for his poor play

    The day that Ryan Leaf entered the NFL was when Leaf let his crazy out.

    In his rookie season, he got in constant fights with the media and his teammates. In fact, Leaf was so crazy that he blamed his teammates for his poor play.

    Next time I have a poor showing at my intramural basketball game, I’m just going to blame my performance on Ryan Leaf.

    Hey, it could work.

RB: Walter Payton

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    Craziest Thing Done: Taking on every defender he ever faced head-on

    This may sound crazy to include Walter Payton on this list, but you have to be some kind of crazy to have no fear when running the football.

    Payton was one of the most violent running backs in NFL history, and I don’t think he ever ran the football out of bounds. He enjoyed contact with defensive players so much that it got to the point where it was crazy.

WR: Chad Ochocinco

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    Craziest Thing Done: Legally changing name to Ochocinco

    I mean, come on—isn’t this a no-brainer?

    We’ve seen Chad Ochocinco do crazy things with his hair and do crazy dances in the end zone, and the man even attempted to play soccer professionally.

    His craziest moment came when he legally changed his last name from Johnson to Ochocinco. What’s he going to do when he retires from the NFL?

    If I had to guess, I would probably say that he changes his last name to Treintasiete, which will be the age he retires.

TE: Mark Chmura

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    Craziest Thing Done: Hot tub with daughter's friends who just happened to be underage

    As one of the greatest Green Bay Packers tight ends in history of the franchise, it was hard to watch Mark Chmura's fall from grace.

    In 2000, at an after-prom party, Chmura was accused of having sexual relations with a 17-year-old student.

    He was never charged, but the accusation alone was enough to ruin Chmura's reputation in Green Bay.

OT: Kyle Turley

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    Craziest Thing Done: Tossing opponent's helmet across the field while flipping everyone the bird

    Offensive tackles are generally gentle giants, but Kyle Turley definitely broke that mold.

    While "protecting" his quarterback, Turley ripped the helmet off Damien Robinson's head and threw it across the field. He then walked off the field while making obscene gestures.

    He received a pretty hefty fine from the NFL and also became the starting offensive tackle on the all-time all-crazy team.

OG: Nate Newton

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    Craziest Thing Done: Driving 213 pounds of marijuana in a white van

    Listen, Nate Newton is a pretty big guy. I'm talking like over 300 pounds big. I don't know much about marijuana, but I'm guessing it doesn't take 213 pounds to get a guy like Nate Newton stoned. In fact, I bet 213 pounds could have gotten the entire state of Texas high.

    What makes Newton's drug story even crazier is that he was busted with another 175 pounds of marijuana only five weeks later.

    Drugs are bad, and whenever you have nearly 400 pounds of them in your possession, it just makes you crazy.

C: Chuck Bednarik

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    Craziest Thing Done: Knocking Frank Gifford out of football for 18 months

    Technically, Chuck Bednarik was better known for being crazy as a linebacker, but it is just so difficult to find crazy centers in the NFL.

    Bednarik was one of the few successful players to star both on offense and defense. I’m guessing he used his craziness as a center just as much as he did when he was on the defensive side of the ball.

    All I know is that I wouldn’t want to line up in front of him on the defensive line.

DE: Lyle Alzado

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    Craziest Thing Done: Forced the NFL to change a rule on throwing helmets

    Lyle Alzado played the game with a violent temper. Some teammates said that he was a completely different person when not playing football, but while on the field, Alzado was crazy.

    His style was so aggressive that the NFL put a new rule in place on throwing helmets after Alzado threw one of his opponent's. He was so fierce on the field that it wouldn't be surprising if he had foam coming out of his mouth before the snap.

DT: John Henderson

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    Craziest Thing Done: This

    Just watch the video above and it will all make sense.

    Doing that before every game makes you absolutely crazy.

LB: Bill Romanowski

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    Craziest Thing Done: Punching teammate in the face

    There were plenty of crazy things that Bill Romanowski did over the course of his career. From kicking players in the head to spitting in faces, Romanowski always seemed angry, and that generally led to him doing crazy things.

    However, during the course of his entire career of craziness, nothing was crazier than when he attacked a fellow teammate and punched him in the face.

    Remind me to never play flag football with Bill Romanowski.

CB: Pacman Jones

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    Craziest Thing Done: Multiple legal woes

    Pacman Jones has been in more legal trouble by himself than most entire teams combined. The only exception is the Cincinnati Bengals, who seem to prefer players that have been arrested.

    It seems that wherever Jones went, whether it was Tennessee, Dallas or Cincinnati, he was getting in fights and being arrested. Of course, Jones found himself in more legal trouble during this offseason, as it appears his craziness isn't going to stop anytime soon.

    Maybe Jones just needs to end up in a city where there is absolutely nothing to do. My vote is that Roger Goodell forces him to play in Buffalo.

S: Jack Tatum

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    Craziest Thing Done: Attempting to kill every player he ever hit on the football field

    Jack "The Assassin" Tatum was one of the most vicious hitters to ever play the game. I mean, come on—you don't get the nickname "The Assassin" for playing nice with people.

    Whenever Tatum would make a hit, it literally looked like he was attempted to kill the opposing player. His violent hits finally did some permanent damage when Darryl Stingley was paralyzed after a collision with Tatum.

    It's understandable to want to make a quality tackle and put a good hit on a player, but Tatum took that mentality to a whole new, crazy level.

K: Sebastian Janikowski

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    Craziest Thing Done: Getting arrested numerous times

    Sebastian Janikowski is the craziest kicker to ever play the game. He gained this award after his first arrest in 2000 and completely ran away with it after his next three arrests.

    Janikowski has been in trouble for bribing an officer, driving under the influence, being in possession of an illegal drug and fighting.

    While it is true that he was acquitted for three of these charges, just the fact that he was even involved with them makes him hands down the craziest kicker ever.

P: Pat McAfee

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    Craziest Thing Done: Being found shirtless and wet at 5:15 in the morning

    There isn't much to choose from as far as crazy punters go, but Pat McAfee's recent arrest for public intoxication gets him the nod over any other punter.

    McAfee was so drunk that he jumped into a canal near a nightclub, took off his shirt and went walking down the street.

    Getting that drunk makes you that crazy.