Buffalo Bills Predictions: Should Bills Sign Terrell Owens for a Second Time?

Dan Van WieContributor IIIAugust 22, 2011

When the Buffalo Bills traded away Lee Evans to the Baltimore Ravens, Bills general manager Buddy Nix said that it was partly due to the fact that they had such a logjam of quality wide receivers, the team was concerned that they might have to waive a really good player.

That was all prior to the Week 2 preseason game when the young receiving corps was knocked for a loop by the Denver Broncos' secondary.

Donald Jones was laid out by Rahim Moore.

David Nelson never had a pass thrown his way and Naaman Roosevelt seemed to hurt himself making a catch in the second half.

Felton Huggins was also injured in the game.

Roscoe Parrish and Craig Davis didn't even dress for the contest.

Marcus Easley is healthy now, but he missed practice time due to injuries as well.

There is one veteran free agent I know of that is still looking for work. Buffalo signing him might make tremendous sense, since he already owns a key to the city. We can't keep him out, we can only let him back in.

That wide receiver is none other than Terrell Owens.

Now I know that some Bills fans will say that we don't need him back. But if any of you actually watched the way that the Broncos were covering Steve Johnson, and how bad our passing attack looked, you know that what I am saying is true. The Bills could really use Terrell Owens back on the team.

Just two short years ago, he led the team in receptions. Steve Johnson followed him around and said that he grew because of learning from T.O. Last year, Owens led the Cincinnati Bengals in receiving, besting his friend Chad Ochocinco. Despite being 37 years old, Owens just keeps rolling along. It is not like Owens has been holding out to play for a Super Bowl ring, as the record of the Bengals and Bills teams he joined will attest.

Owens is rehabbing an injury, as he tore his ACL and had to undergo surgery for it. The latest projection for his return to health has been anywhere from Week 2 to Week 3. That means the Bills would be able to play Owens for the majority of the year, and would probably be able to sign him at some sort of discounted price.

There is no formal word yet if any of the most recent injuries will require the Bills to be without any more of their receivers. Updates should start coming out later this week.

But just the mere presence of Owens on the field will cause teams to play the Bills differently. One way to look at it, is that Owens would replace Lee Evans on the roster, and we have an extra fourth round draft pick to show for it.

Evans had a problem going over the middle, but that is something that Owens has never had a problem doing. He is after all one of the most physical wide receivers in the game.

Signing Terrell Owens to me makes sense. I can think of worse things, like watching the debacle of the receiving corps last Saturday night in Denver. What do Bills fans think?


EDIT - Note that after this article was published, Chris Brown of BuffaloBills.com, reported that both Naaman Roosevelt and Donald Jones will miss the rest of the preseason due to the injuries they suffered in the Denver game.