The 12 Best Video Highlights in Denver Broncos History

Vince SapienzaCorrespondent IIIAugust 22, 2011

The 12 Best Video Highlights in Denver Broncos History

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    The Denver Broncos have a very storied history, one based on tradition and winning. Since 1960, the Broncos have been making highlight reels left and right, but today we will highlight the best of the best over the long and illustrious life of the Denver Broncos. 

    From the times of the Orange Crush, to the Super Bowl titles the Broncos have always given Broncos Nation something to cheer about, if not talk about (Josh McDaniels).

    As the season gets set to begin we cannot forget how we have gotten to where we are with the team that currently sports the orange and blue. So without further ado, the best video highlights in Broncos history. 

    Please by all means chime in on your own personal favorites as well. 

The Immaculate Deflection

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    "The Immaculate Deflection." Wow!

    In a sloppy Week 1 game where Josh McDaniels was at the helm for the first time in his head coaching career, the Broncos were down 7-6 with thirty seconds left. 

    Kyle Orton threw it deep on the far sideline to a then highly targeted Brandon Marshall, only for it to be tipped away by a Bengals defender right into the waiting arms of Brandon Stokley for the go ahead score.


Terrell Davis' Hit

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    Then rookie running back Terrell Davis sat sixth on the depth chart at running back, a long shot to make the roster. However, there was one play that set him apart from every other player fighting for a roster spot that year.

    Davis made the most of his special teams opportunity and laid one of the biggest hits in Broncos history as he single handily earned a spot with that single play. 


Jason Elam, Record-Tying Field Goal

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    Jason Elam is tied for holding the NFL record for the longest field goal by a distance of 63 yards with kicker Tom Dempsey. 

    He did it in a regular season game against the Jacksonville Jaguars

    A proud moment for Elam, the Broncos and the fans.

Steve Atwater Hit on Christian Okoye

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    One of the best hits ever by a Denver Bronco, Steve Atwater vs. ChristianOkoye.

    Okoye was a man child back in his hay day, but Atwater was no slouch, so when the two went head to head, well you be the judge.

    Atwater cleaned his clock and a favorite player in the hearts of all Broncos fans, especially since it was against a division rival. 

Champ Bailey Interception, 2005 AFC Divisional Game

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    Up 10-6 with a minute left in the this quarter, the heavily favored Patriots were on the doorstep of the Broncos end zone to take the lead.

    Then, Champ Bailey picked off Tom Brady and returned it 100 yards to the one yard line and changed the complexion of the game. The Broncos eventually won the game and went on to face the Steelers in the Championship game.

    One of the biggest plays in Broncos history. 

Jay Cutler's Forward Pass

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    Then quarterback Jay Cutler had one of the most controversial plays of the year back in 2008. What was a definite blown call, was a good one for the Broncos as head referee Ed Hochuli said the Cutler did not fumble, but that it was a forward pass. 

    Cutler was able to then find Eddie Royal for the touchdown and then head coach Mike Shanahan decided to win it without overtime and was successful on the two point conversion. A call that infuriated Chargers fans, brought smiles to all of Denver.

John Elway to Rod Smith, Super Bowl XXXIII

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    The play that truly gave the Broncos their second Super Bowl victory in as many years, John Elway hooked up with Rod Smith for an 80 yard bomb.

    The Broncos defeated the Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII in what would be John Elway's final game as a Bronco and an NFL player. 

The Fumble, 1987 AFC Championship Game

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    Looking for revenge from a short year ago, the Cleveland Browns were three yards from tying the game with a minute remaining left in the game, until Browns' running back Ernest Byner was hit before the goal line and lost the ball. The Broncos went on to win and break the hearts of the Dawg Pound, again.

    A game that once again went Denver's way makes for another happy time and happy highlight for Broncos Country.

Terrell Davis and the 2000 Yard Club

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    Terrell Davis is one of six players to surpass the 2000 yard mark in the regular season of the NFL. Davis, though he had a shortened career due to knee injuries and a reoccurring migraine problem, he has forever etched his name in history.

    Two Super Bowl victories, Super Bowl MVP, 2000 yard rusher, and two offensive player of the year, three Pro Bowls and three All Pro honors.

    A true fan favorite of Broncos Nation. 

John Elway's Helicopter

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    One of the most iconic Super Bowl highlights is when John Elway risks life and limb for the betterment of the team and go airborne from the five yard line to get hit and spun by two Green Bay Packer defenders. 

    The Broncos used that play as fuel for momentum as they held on to beat the Packers for their first Super Bowl in their history. 

The Drive

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    Who does not know of The Drive?

    For those that do not, it was the 1986 AFC Championship game where the Broncos battled the Browns in Cleveland. John Elway marched the Broncos offense 98 yards in just over five minutes in the fourth quarter, leaving under forty seconds in the game. The Broncos ended up winning in overtime 23-20. 

    One of the most NFL historic and Broncos favorites, The Drive is a no doubter on the list.

The Tim Tebow Welcoming Game

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    In only his second start as quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow struggles a bit early, but finishes a game winning drive where he takes control of the Broncos offense and then finishes off a drive by running in a score. 

    This was the first win for Tebow and a first hand look for Broncos fans on home field. This was a glimpse of what life could look like with Tebow at the helm, now the Broncos faithful may have to wait till midway through the regular season or even next year, but the sky is the limit for Tebow, we hope.