San Diego Chargers: Why the Bolts Could "bet" on Darryl Gamble to Succeed

Camrin BaucomContributor IIIAugust 21, 2011

Chargers LB Darryl Gamble (#49) is fighting for a chance to be recognized by most in the NFL
Chargers LB Darryl Gamble (#49) is fighting for a chance to be recognized by most in the NFL

San Diego Chargers LB Darryl Gamble, an undrafted free agent rookie out of the University of Georgia, turned heads in his first NFL game against the Seattle Seahawks.

He looked about as fierce as Shawne Merriman in his only good year in San Diego (much respect, though).

Gamble had eight tackles and one sack with a tackle for a loss. That's not bad for a rookie in his first game. Although, it was against second- and third-team backups. I believe the Chargers coaches and trainers can groom this kid and make him into a possible star in San Diego, I really do believe that.

But just like every player in the NFL, they have to prove themselves worthy to be on the regular season roster.

Unfortunately for Gamble, the Chargers can't keep everyone.

Every team in the NFL must cut their rosters down to 80 by August 30. That means Gamble has at least two more games to display his skills.

He has a chance to impress for a second straight time against the Dallas Cowboys today. Then he and the Bolts will travel to Glendale, Ariz. to face the Arizona Cardinals on August 27.

There are at least five, maybe six, shoe-ins for a roster spot. Gamble just needs to work hard enough to squeeze into a backup outside linebacker spot. All he needs is to watch the veterans, learn from them, tweak his own play style to be up to par with the veterans, and with some due time he could be a future star in the NFL.

If the San Diego Chargers believe in him, I won't bother to hesitate to do the same.