Terrelle Pryor: 5 Surprise Teams That Could Use Pryor in Surprising Ways

Mike Nelson@Mike_E_NelsonCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2011

Terrelle Pryor: 5 Surprise Teams That Could Use Pryor in Surprising Ways

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    Now that former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has been given the OK for the NFL’s supplemental draft, even with a five-game suspension, who wants him?

    There has been little substantiated facts regarding any teams that may be overly passionate about acquiring Pryor.  Why?

    He has many red flags with regards to character, and then there’s the bigger issue that many feel he’s not qualified to play the quarterback position at the NFL level.

    Appearing on Jon Gruden’s Quarterback Camp on ESPN, Gruden continually pressed Pryor with the idea of a wide receiver switch, but Pryor maintained he wanted to remain a quarterback.

    But will anyone let him?

    The purpose of this slideshow is to explore possibilities of who would let Pryor remain a quarterback and to explore possibilities regarding teams that may force him to play another position. 

Oakland Raiders (QB)

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    Al Davis loved quarterback Jamarcus Russell. Why? Davis loved his build (6’6”, 260 pounds) and his cannon of an arm. 

    Look at Terrelle Pryor: He stands 6’6”, 233 pounds, can run with at least 4.5 second 40-speed, and has a big arm. 

    Pryor is Russell, with speed, with regards to how he rates as a prospect.

    If anyone is willing to give Pryor an opportunity to be an NFL quarterback, it’s Oakland.

    Just look at the Raiders’ starting quarterback situation entering 2011: it’s Jason Campbell’s job to lose, with former first-round pick Kyle Boller next in line.

    The cupboard isn’t all that full for the Raiders and Terrelle Pryor could help fill the cupboard back up. 

Buffalo Bills (QB)

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    Ever since Jim Kelly retired in '96, the Buffalo Bills have struggled to find a franchise quarterback.

    They had Doug Flutie in the late-'90s and early 2000s, but he was only a short-term replacement.

    Now the Bills are flirting with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter long term. But do they really believe he can become an elite quarterback? 

    Maybe they do; but even so, would it hurt to take a chance on someone with as much talent as Terrelle Pryor? 

Miami Dolphins (Wildcat QB/RB)

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    The Miami Dolphins are notorious for their use of the Wildcat offense, and their fans became notorious for booing their starting quarterback, Chad Henne, during the first day of training camp. 

    To put it lightly: fans aren’t happy with Henne—but the front office and coaching staff appear satisfied. 

    Nevertheless, Henne doesn’t appear to be on the track to NFL stardom. So why not take a chance on someone like Terrelle Pryor?

    He’s big, quick and has a monster arm. Even if the Dolphins don’t trust Pryor to be an every-down QB, they have shown an ability to do things with the Wildcat.

    Pryor could have very similar results. He may be faster than Ronnie Brown—and is bigger than Ricky Williams.  Brown’s speed and Williams’ size is what made them successful running backs, and Pryor can outdo each in their respective fortes.

Philadelphia Eagles (WR/TE)

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    If you’re a talented and athletic player, it seems like the destination for you is the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Quarterback Vince Young, running back Ronnie Brown, wide receiver Steve Smith (from the Giants) and Nnamdi Asomugha all landed in Philadelphia this offseason. Why not add Terrelle Pryor to the list? 

    The Eagles are set at quarterback with Michael Vick as the No. 1 and Vince Young as the 2.

    Where the Eagles could use Pryor would be at wide receiver or tight end. He’s big enough to be a tight end and quick enough to strictly be a wide receiver. 

    Pryor is simply a phenomenal athlete. The Eagles could use him as a wideout and run reverses with a pass-option for Pryor, as he does have the arm to be an NFL quarterback.

    It’d keep defenses off balance even more than they already would be with Vick, running backs Ronnie Brown and LeSean McCoy and wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. 

Minnesota Vikings (LB)

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    This past NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings made Christian Ponder their quarterback of the future and they acquired Donovan McNabb to start in the meantime. It’s safe to say that Minnesota isn’t looking for a quarterback.

    But Minnesota may need an outside linebacker. And while Pryor maintains he’s a quarterback, would it be a stretch to suggest that Pryor could play linebacker?

    Minnesota let free agent outside linebacker Ben Leber go in the offseason and appear set with Erin Henderson as the outside 'backer for 2011 (Henderson has never been a starter in his three-year career as a special teams player). Henderson had seven tackles in 2010.

    If the Vikings are crazy enough to try to get Pryor to play linebacker, then they have a perfect coach to teach him the art of the linebacker: Mike Singletary.

    Singletary was an eight-time Pro Bowl selection during his 11-year NFL career with the Chicago Bears and was voted defensive player of the year twice (1985, 1988). He accumulated 1,488 tackles during his career (about 135 tackles per season). 

    It probably won’t happen, but Pryor’s 6'6", 233-pound build, along with his speed (he claims he’ll run a 4.3 or 4.4 in the 40-yard dash) suggests he could be a terror to offensive players throughout the NFL.