Cleveland Browns: Recap of the Game vs. the Detroit Lions

Kevin DakddukContributor IIIAugust 19, 2011

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 19:  Wide receiver Josh Cribbs #16 of the Cleveland Browns warms up prior to the game between the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns Stadium on August 19, 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 19: Wide receiver Josh Cribbs #16 of the Cleveland Browns warms up prior to the game between the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns Stadium on August 19, 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

The following is a recap of the Cleveland Browns taking on the Detroit Lions.


First Quarter

Opening drive.  Browns force fumble and recover.  McCoy takes the field.  McCoy goes 3 for 3 capping the drive with a touchdown pass to Evan Moore.

Skrine draws second false-start penalty on punting team.  29 yard punt from McGee and the crowd begins to boo.  Browns defense stops the Lions in the red zone on three consecutive plays to force the field goal.  10-7 Lions.

On the next Cleveland possession, three flags on the Lions give the Browns two first downs.  McCoy goes 2 for 4 on the final drive of the first quarter.  McCoy is 4 for 10 in the first quarter tonight.

Five first downs total so far and McGee punts the ball 57 yards deep into Lions territory.  The Browns have three penalties for a loss of 15 yards total in the first quarter.


Second Quarter

Browns force a punt to begin the second quarter and Jordan Norwood returns for 20 yards.  Huge touchdown pass to Evan Moore, refs rule it incomplete but Browns challenge and the refs rule it a touchdown! 14-10 Browns. 

A quick note by the announcers that Evan Moore only had one touchdown catch last season and now has two already this preseason.  That is one play for 21 yards on a five-second possession by Colt McCoy.

Quaye brings down QB Shaun Hill.  Third and 2 for Lions and Rubin sacks Hill to force the punt.  Next possession and a hand off to Jackson for a gain of two.  McCoy goes two for three on this drive but gets the automatic first down after a roughing the passer penalty. McCoy is 7 for 13 so far tonight.

McCoy to Alex Smith for a great third-down conversion making them 2 for 4 on third downs tonight. A quick hand off to Brandon Jackson and he breaks through the defensive line for a big gain. Late on the pile penalty against the Browns for a 15 yard loss, still first down.

McCoy to Evan Moore for a big first down.  Pass interference call against Lions giving Browns another first down.  Another penalty against the Lions give the Browns half the distance to the goal. First down still.

False start penalty against Evan Moore for five yard loss, still first and goal.  Illegal formation penalty against the Browns, for another five yard loss.  McCoy passes to Norwood on the run but it's out of bounds. McCoy has a touchdown pass to Greg Lytle.  Phil Dawson sinks the extra point going 3 for 3 tonight.

21-10 Browns. 10 plays for 83 yards and a touchdown on that last drive.  Seven total penalties against the Browns so far.  8 on the Lions.  Two-minute warning and the Lions have the ball on the Browns 32-yard line.  Browns break up a third-down conversion and force the field goal.  21-13 Browns.

Browns return the punt to the 150yard line.  Seneca Wallace in now goes 2 for 2 and a first down with one minute left in the half.  Wallace under pressure scrambles for just shy of a Cleveland first down.  Fumble by the Browns on the ensuing play but recovered by Browns. Browns punt with 31 seconds left. Ball on Detroit 8 yard line.  Jamie Mitchell sacks the the Lions quarterback to end the first half.


Third Quarter

Browns force a punt to end the Lions first possession of the third quarter.  Seneca Wallace starts the third quarter passing it to Armond Smith who takes it 81 yards for a Cleveland touchdown!  Extra point by Dawson and it is 28-13 Browns.

The Browns again force the Lions to punt and it is Cleveland's ball on the 8 yard line.  Fumble by Armond Smith and the Lions recover it inside the Browns 20. Stanton is scrambling and Titus Brown draws a personal foul on him for horse collar tackling.

Lions botch the hand off and it is a fumble but they are able to immediately recover.  Lions score on a touchdown pass by Stanton.  Extra point is good and it is now 28-20 Browns.

Next possession Wallace to Rod Windsor for a first down.  The Browns fail to convert on the third-down and are now 2 for 7 on conversions tonight.  False start on the Lions and it’s a five yard penalty. Browns again break up the possible third-down conversion forcing the Lions to punt.  A four-yard gain and that is the end of third quarter.


Fourth Quarter

A holding call on the Browns in the first play of the fourth quarter.  Armond Smith fumbles the football again and the Lions recover, again.  On the very next play Stanton throws a touchdown pass. And there is a penalty against the Browns defense on the same play.  It is now 28-27.

Next possession and Jarrett Brown is now at QB. Two holding penalties against the Browns on the third-down play and they go three-and-out and are forced to punt.  The Lions now take the lead on a 48-yard field goal to make it 30-28 Lions.  Browns get the ball back. 

Quinn Porter makes a nice run for a first down but there is holding penalty against Tyler Clutts and it is now second-and-18 for the Browns.  Jarrett Brown is on the run and he is flagged for illegal forward passing and the Browns are forced to punt.

There have been 12 penalties on the Browns so far tonight, but also 12 on the Lions.

The Lions go for it on fourth-and-1 but are stopped by the Browns and turn the ball over on downs.  Can Cleveland make a quick score to take this game?  Brown is back at quarterback.  He scrambles and fumbles the ball but recovers it quickly.  The Browns fail to convert on third down and the Browns will punt.

The Browns are trailing by two at the two minute warning in the final quarter of this game.  They have no timeouts remaining.  The Lions get a first down and take this game with four knees.  Final score: Lions 30, Browns 28.

A quick QB recap.  Colt McCoy went 10 of 18 for 96 yards and 3 touchdowns for a 110.2 rating.  Seneca Wallace went 6 of 8 for 40 yards and a 85.4 rating and Jarrett Brown was 0 for 4 leaving him with a 39.6 rating.

There are plenty of questions that the Browns will have to answer after this game one of which is what to do about handling the pressure better on offense.  The second and third teams for the Browns have shown difficulties on both sides of the ball.  

And what will head coach Pat Shurmur do in regards to free agent Armond Smith, who had an amazing 81-yard touchdown reception, but also turned the ball over on fumbles both times leading to scoring drives by their opponents? 

There were also tons of penalties in this game as the Browns lose a close one to the Lions 30-28.