Jim Hendry Fired as Chicago Cubs GM, but Tom Ricketts Needs Help to Replace Him

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Jim Hendry Fired as Chicago Cubs GM, but Tom Ricketts Needs Help to Replace Him
CHICAGO - APRIL 12: General manager Jim Hendry of the Chicago Cubs listens to a reporters' question before the Opening Day game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field on April 12, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

So, finally, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts sees the light, and relieves GM Jim Hendy of his responsibilities. While I applaud the long-awaited action, I don't have confidence in Ricketts being able to pick the right successor.

First of all, no one should feel bad for Hendry. He will still collect his 2012 salary, unless another financial agreement was reached as part of the settlement.

Additionally, he will likely find a job in baseball somewhere if he wants. Maybe not as a GM, at least not right away, but as a farm director or something similar.

For as bad a GM as Hendry is/was, and believe me, he was very bad, any success associated with this embarrassment of a major league franchise is considered an accomplishment.

Look, no one around baseball blames Hendry for not taking the Cubs to the promised land, because no one has been able to do that in over a century.

Recognizing that, those consecutive division titles probably look good to those who are not Cubs fans. The fact that those Cubs teams failed to win a single playoff game notwithstanding, any success with the Cubs is considered almost a miracle.

Hendry doesn't believe in modern baseball statistics. On-base percentage is something he not only doesn't favor, he is almost obstinate about having his players take aggressive swings.

That has resulted in players like Corey Patterson, Felix Pie and Josh Vitters permeating the Cubs system without any clue as to the strike zone.

If Hendry had an organizational philosophy, and that is certainly debatable, it's swing from the heels.

Meanwhile, let's focus on who is going to take over as the "permanent" GM of the team.

Assistant general manager Randy Bush was named interim general manager, but let's hope that this is only temporary. Not that I have anything against Bush, it's just that this organization needs a new voice.

Hopefully, this is the start of a very necessary housecleaning throughout the entire front office. No one stained with the Hendry legacy should be associated with this ball club any longer.

The problem is, however, that who in their right mind would trust Ricketts to pick the right guy to lead this organization going forward?

After all, he admits he is not a knowledgeable baseball man. yet he has hired no one to help him evaluate things. 

The only thing we even know about Ricketts after all this time is that he wants to build from within. That's fine, but then he needs to get a GM that understands how to do this and that can be successful building a strong foundation of player development.

The Cubs should aggressively go after known baseball people like Andrew Friedman of the Tampa Bay Rays. Why he would leave Florida for Chicago is beyond me, but they should at least give it a try.

One interesting issue is that Mike Quade apparently still has the support of Ricketts. But any GM worth his salt would want to hire his own manager, right?

Well, I do know this: the next thing that Ricketts needs to do is to hire a president of baseball operations to help lead the search for a replacement.

Otherwise, this will be a wasted firing.

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