San Francisco Giants: Brian Wilson, 7 Players Most Important for Postseason Run

Nadia MishkinContributor IIIAugust 18, 2011

San Francisco Giants: Brian Wilson, 7 Players Most Important for Postseason Run

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    The defending champs have fallen in the NL West. While they were able to hang on to first place in the NL West for most of the season, the Arizona Diamondbacks have become an obstacle in reaching the postseason. They now have a 2.5 game lead on the Giants

    San Francisco is not the team that they were in 2010, due to injury and regression. However they still have one of the best pitching staffs in the majors, and are serious contenders.

    While offense continues to plague the team, it is key that certain players perform and contribute. These are players that need to make an impact now, or when they return from injury if the Giants are going to make the postseason.

Brian Wilson

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    The Giants' league-leading closer in saves and one of their infamous bullpen’s “feared beards” is key in the Giants being able to contend for the postseason. 

    Wilson blew a save in his last appearance, and is now sidelined with an inflamed elbow. Wilson is a crucial member of the Giants greatest strength. His return to form will be key in the Giants' postseason run.

Carlos Beltran

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    Carlos Beltran has yet to make an impact in San Francisco. He has played in eleven games and hit .244. While this is not enough time to make a judgment on whether he will make the impact he was acquired for, it is necessary that Beltran makes his mark when he returns from the Disabled List. 

    This is the bat that will make or break the Giants' chances at returning to the postseason, as Pablo Sandoval cannot carry the offense alone. 

Jonathan Sanchez

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    While the rest of the starting pitching staff continues to be the reason why the Giants win baseball games, Jonathan Sanchez has been unreliable and disastrous at times this season. 

    As the Giants have no other viable options for a fifth man in the rotation, it is key that Jonathan Sanchez is healthy and can turn his season around for San Francisco. 

Pablo Sandoval

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    The year that Pablo Sandoval is having has been overshadowed by the relative lack of success of the Giants' offense. He is hitting .311 on the season with 14 home runs. 

    The first time All–Star shows no signs of slowing down, as he is hitting .340 so far this month, despite the team only winning six games. 

    Sandoval’s continued success will be pivotal in sparking the rest of the offense to produce. 

Jeff Keppinger

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    Surprise here, but Jeff Keppinger has been one of the Giants' best offensive producers since joining the team at the trade deadline. Because the Giants can count that their starting pitchers will show up, it is most important that the offense produces. 

    Keppinger is hitting .302 in August. While he is currently day–to–day with a wrist injury, the Giants will need him to continue contributing if they are going to play in October.

Andres Torres

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    Andres Torres was the perfect leadoff man for San Francisco in 2010. He has hardly replicated his breakout season this year.

    Torres too, has been plagued by injury. He is hitting just .228 with three home runs, and is currently on the 15-day Disabled List. When he returns, the Giants would benefit greatly from his speed, if he could only get on base.

Nate Schierholtz

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    Nate Schierholtz has not yet been given a solid everyday playing role to become the player that he has the potential of being. He has shown flashes of hot streaks that can win games in the Giants small–ball style of play. 

    Nate is back in the lineup tonight after a foot injury. He is a streaky player, and if he can get hot going into the postseason stretch, he will be a key player in the pennant race.