MLB Power Rankings: The 17 Worst MLB Televison and Radio Announcers

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2011

MLB Power Rankings: The 17 Worst MLB Televison and Radio Announcers

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    There are times when you turn on the television to watch a baseball game, and the first thing that you want to do after hearing the announcers speak is to mute the sound on the television.

    Other times, it is hard to listen to a game on the radio because of how poor the announcers are.

    Listening to the television and radio announcers on this list makes watching an otherwise pleasant MLB game a difficult experience.

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17) Daron Sutton

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    Daron Sutton comes from famous baseball roots. His father was legendary pitcher Don Sutton. There are some fans that think this is how Sutton got his job as an announcer.

    Sutton does not contribute very much to Arizona Diamondbacks' broadcasts. In addition, he makes his dislike of certain players well known during game broadcasts.

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16) Ed Farmer

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    Ed Farmer is currently the play-by-play announcer for the Chicago White Sox radio broadcasts.

    Unfortunately, when choosing between television and radio options for the White Sox, Farmer is the better choice.

    His timing and delivery are occasionally off, and his dry sense of humor does not translate well to a radio broadcast.

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15) Mario Impemba

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    Mario Impemba has been the play-by-play voice of the Detroit Tigers for Fox Sports Detroit since 2002. Impemba has only one major fault.

    However, this fault is one that tends to get very annoying, very quickly. Impemba constantly misjudges fly balls and makes many things sound like they are going out of the park when they don't even reach the warning track.

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14) Don Orsillo

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    Don Orsillo is the voice of the Boston Red Sox for NESN. Part of the reason for his inconsistency is not his fault.

    Orsillo has worked with over 20 different broadcasters after his teammate Jerry Remy had to take an extended leave of absence.

    Once he can consistently work with someone, there is a strong chance that Remy can improve.

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13) Mark Grant

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    Mark Grant is known for his quirks during San Diego Padres broadcast. These quirks have led to many fans having a dislike of Grant's game-calling.

    Grant has also made use of an imitation of Harry Carry during Padres broadcasts. He is also known for being a big homer.

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12) Dick Stockton

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    Dick Stockton has called a variety of sports over the years. He has called football and basketball games in addition to baseball games.

    Stockton does a good job with other sports, but baseball is not his forte.

    He occasionally makes a few mistakes during the game that take away from the viewing experience.

11) Jim Hunter

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    Since 1997, Jim Hunter has been calling Baltimore Orioles games. Hunter would not be a bad announcer except for one issue.

    Hunter is a big Orioles fan. He also is not afraid to bring up the fact that he believes that the Yankees get all of the close calls during Orioles-Yankees games.

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10) Jeff Brantley

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    Jeff Brantley was an All-Star during his Major League Baseball career.

    However, he is not a All-Star in the Cincinnati Reds radio booth.

    Brantley picks up on the subtle nuances of the pitching game, but he often fails to paint a full picture of what is going on in the game.

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9) Buck Martinez

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    Buck Martinez became the announcer of the Toronto Blue Jays for Rogers Sportsnet prior to the 2010 season. Blue Jays fans quickly developed a disliking for him.

    There is a website that is dedicated to all of the mistakes that Martinez makes. Reading through it makes it clear why Martinez is on this list.

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8) Bert Blyleven

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    Bert Blyleven finally got into the Hall of Fame for his performances on the field.

    However, Blylven will not be in the Hall years from now for his announcing abilities.

    There have been a number of moments when Blyleven has made off-color comments on the air. Blyleven is also know for circling fans during Twins broadcasts.

7) Chip Caray

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    Having famous genes does not mean that someone will be a good announcer. A perfect example of this is Chip Caray.

    The grandson of the famous Harry Caray and son of Skip Caray, Chip is the announcer for Fox Sports South and the Atlanta Braves.

    He does not call the game like his famous family members however.

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6) George Frazier

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    Hearing one of your friends laugh at their own jokes is annoying enough. If one wants to see how bad it is when an announcer does this, they should listen to a Colorado Rockies broadcast.

    Not only does George Frazier do this, but he also is not a very good game analyst.

    He did play the game years ago, but he cannot provide a good analysis of the games to fans.

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5) John Sterling

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    John Sterling is a big homer. He is known for his home run calls when the New York Yankees hit a long ball.

    Sterling has special calls for many of the New York Yankees. However, Sterling also makes a number of calls where he believes the ball is headed out of the park, but then it is caught.

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4) Hawk Harrelson

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    Some Chicago White Sox fans are big fans of Hawk Harrelson. However, fans from the rest of the country cannot stand Harrelson.

    Harrelson was known for being one of the biggest homers in baseball. He consistently roots for the White Sox during his broadcasts. 

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3) Tim McCarver

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    Tim McCarver has faced criticism ever since he began his broadcasting career with Fox Sports. Fans have struggled to listen to him call games.

    McCarver has also made some off-color comments during his career. A list of some of his comments can be found on this website.

2) Joe Buck

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    Joe Buck is Tim McCarver's partner in crime on Fox Sports. Just like McCarver, many fans have issues with Buck's game calling.

    Buck may have won multiple Sports Emmys, but listening to him call a baseball game is a difficult experience.

    Listening to Buck call games is very boring.

1) Suzyn Waldman

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    There are few people that like listening to Suzyn Waldman call a New York Yankees game. Even Yankees fans cannot stand Waldman's lack of analysis and the fact that she seemingly adds nothing to the broadcast.

    There was also her infamous call when Roger Clemens was coming back to the Yankees.

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