Eagles' Draft: Skill Players or Linemen?

New Deal New DealContributor IJanuary 30, 2008

Can the Eagles get value in the early rounds of the 2008 NFL Draft?

This question leaves Philly fans holding their breath.

I don't know about you, but I want a position player we could use right away. I know it sounds childish, but I’m sick of seeing all the other teams get break out players and the Eagle's take what they believe is the safe pick early.

Let me start by saying, the bird's do draft well, just not early. Almost every Pro-Bowler on the squad was drafted in the third round or later. It's like they’re scared to go for a game breaking college player.

Last year we draft K. Kolb with our first pick in the early second, might I add basically giving the rights to A. Spencer  to division rival Dallas for S. Bradley? I guess we'll see how that one work's out in years to come.

In the second, we take V.A., DE out of N.D. I can't really comment on the pick yet, but I was excited to see the pick, who is J. Kearse?  

In 2006, they didn’t do much better. First round we take B.Bunkley, not writing him off yet, but first round? Second, W. Justice. I was semi amused at the pick, when I saw it. He’s no NFL left tackle.

In the third and following rounds is when we get our starters. C. Gocong in the third and O.Gaither in the fifth. He's now the best backer on the team with J. Trotter gone and T. Spikes running a 6.4 40.

2005 brought what I consider the second best draft of the 2000's, getting M. Patterson in the first, R. Brown in the second, and M. Mcoy. Then the real value hit: Moats, Considine, Herremens, and (the best pick in our whole draft) in the fifth round T. Cole! Damn I wish we saved that money we spent on that Kearse guy.

2004 and 2003 gave us the best guard in the game, Shawn Andrews in 04 and L.J. Smith in 03. THAT'S IT!

Now comes what I believe the best draft in Eagle's history and top ten in all drafts, ALL TEAMS! In the first we get LITO, LITO, LITO, LITO, followed by M. Lewis (1 time Pro Bowler), who we gave away and replaced with S. Considine. I don’t know why.

Back to the draft, and the real VALUE, we are the Eagles. We took S. Brown, our best corner, and in the third we get our best player on the team, B. Westbrook. Also getting F. Milons in the fifth, who served as a decent third behind Thrash and Pinkston.

We think Brown and Curtis Aren't worthy of a 1 and 2.

I'm glad I didn't own a gun in 2001 and 2000. Let's start wit F.

Mitchell. I can't believe we just took that skinny little twerp over that grown ass man down with the NCAA National Champion Hurricane's, R.Wayne, who the Colts took three or four picks later and still are loving him. Might I add, where's Freddy?

Notable Picks: C. Buckhalter(4) and A.J. Feeley(5). 2000 gave us the over-rated C. Simon(1) and T. Pinkston(2), who, might I add are not playing in the NFL.

In fact, not one player the Eagles drafted in the 2000 draft are playing pro football as we speak. ( The only team in the NFL who has no active player from the 2000 draft)

NOTABLE SUPPORT:                                                                                 

                                                                        BEST PICK

First Round Pick:     1997: J.Harris                            D.Staley(3)      

                             1996: J.Mayberry                       B.Dawkins (2)   

                              1995:M.Mamula                         B. Taylor(2)        

                              1994:B. Williams                       C. Garner(2)

                             1990:B.Smith                            F.Barnett(3)

                              1988: toss up K.Jackson (1)       E.Allen(2)

With this, my conclusion is: Better preparation in the early rounds of the draft will get you either three Super Bowl rings (soon to be four) like the Patriots, or get you 3 NFC Championship appearances and one failed Super Bowl like my beloved Eagles.

The one pick that still haunts my dream's is the Freddy Mitchell over Reggie Wayne. I wanted Reggie back then and I’m still bitter I don’t have 2 receiver's with the first name Reggie.

Would the Colts have their ring if we picked Reggie? Better question, would the Eagles have one?


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