5 Current NFL Players Who Should Study Michael Vick's Story

Michael JohnsonContributor IAugust 16, 2011

5 Current NFL Players Who Should Study Michael Vick's Story

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    Michael Vick might be in the midst of the greatest career resurrection we have ever seen since Rocky thrashed Clubber Lang in Rocky III.

    Michael Vick's life and career spiraled out of control so spectacularly that most of us thought he would never display the play-making ability that made him a star in Atlanta. Not only did Vick prove the doubters wrong last season, but he came back better than ever and finished second in league's MVP voting, behind Tom Brady. Michael Vick also showed the world what he was capable of once he became as big of a threat to the passing game as well as the run.

    With the Philadelphia Eagles aggressively positioning themselves for a Super Bowl run, Vick's comeback might turn into something that Hollywood would make a buck or two from. But while the Michael Vick story will write itself this season, there are other players who should be paying special attention:   

Tim Tebow

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    Tim Tebow may be God's favorite quarterback, but that isn't going to help him supplant Kyle Orton as the Broncos starting quarterback. 

    A lot of things people say about Tebow now is what they used to say about Michael Vick. Things like Tebow has an awkward throwing motion or that he relies too much on his running talents.

    Those things may be true of Tebow now, as they were for Vick in Atlanta, but Tebow has the work ethic and dedication to address those deficiencies. Vick has proven with hard work and good coaching, anything is possible. Tebow will be a star quarterback in the NFL one day.   

Vince Young

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    Vince Young is taking the direct approach in studying Michael Vick's story. Young displayed elite talent at the University of Texas and for the Tennessee Titans before revealing himself to be kind of a headcase. From allegedly faking an injury to get out of a game to tossing his pads into the stands at a home game against the Washington Redskins last season, Vince Young certainly did everything to the city of Nashville but bankroll a dogfighting operation.

    But now Young is in Philly, which is sort of becoming a haven for troubled quarterbacks. Maybe Young will flame out in Philly, or maybe the Titans will prove to be his Falcons. I personally believe Young will get it together, just like Vick did.   

Alex Smith

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    Poor Alex Smith.

    The picture sums up his career thus far in San Francisco. Smith has not been very good for the 49ers, but the circumstances have been horrible for him. From lousy coaching to lousy players on offense surrounding him, it can't be all his fault, can it?

    But, that is the beautiful part about sports; players can settle scores on the field. Things are looking up for San Fran now. Head coach Jim Harbaugh seems like the type of guy to keep his pants on during the games.

    Maybe all Smith needs is a good coach who keeps his pants on. That is what Michael Vick has, too. We shall see.

Tavaris Jackson

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    I wonder how that play in the picture turned out for Tavaris Jackson.

    I guess it really does not matter at this point. He has a fresh start in Seattle, and maybe that is all he needs. Its not like he had a Super Bowl-caliber defense and running game in Minnesota. Oh wait; he did.

    We've seen brief flashes of greatness from Jackson in the past. He just needs to work on his craft, just like Vick did. Who knows what Jackson would have done if Brett Favre had not come back from retirement two years in a row. Maybe he would be further along in this development.

    With the NFC West poised to be horrible again, and Charlie Whitehurst on his team, Jackson should get time to develop.

    He may even get to sneak some playoff experience in there as well.  

Donovan McNabb

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    Donovan McNabb is the biggest reason why Michael Vick has redeemed himself. McNabb lobbied for Vick's signing in Philadelphia.

    And then Vick took his job.

    And if that wasn't bad enough, McNabb was sent to Washington, where he suddenly became too fat and stupid to lead that crappy team. That is what the Shanahans would have us believe anyway.

    But here is the part I don't understand: Why is Mike Shanahan still considered a genius? If I slept with a supermodel in 1997 and 1998 but, in the following eleven years, I only managed to sleep with Waffle House servers, would you follow my dating advice? 

    But I digress.

     McNabb has what he's always wanted now; an elite runner with a team that will run the ball, a very good defense and a coach who will cater the offense to him like Andy Reid did.

    McNabb used to be the player Vick needed to be; McNabb did defeat Vick in his only NFC championship game victory. Now the roles have reversed. Can McNabb take back the throne? Time will tell.