10 Moves the Buffalo Bills Could Make to Contend in 2011

Josh TrueloveCorrespondent IIIAugust 16, 2011

10 Moves the Buffalo Bills Could Make to Contend in 2011

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    While the Buffalo Bills will more than likely improve from their 4-12 record from a season ago, it is not likely that they will be a Super Bowl contender this season. They are young, rebuilding and are moving forward the right way.

    Although the Bills are rebuilding, they are not far away from being a very good football team. But like any team, they do have holes that need to be filled.

    Let's take a look at some players who can make a big enough impact on Buffalo to turn them from rebuilding, to contenders.

10: Kirk Morrison: Linebacker

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    Kirk Morrison is not a great player, but he is a solid player for sure. Buffalo was the worst run-defending team in the league last season. They added Nick Barnett, but lost Paul Posluszny. As of right now, Andra Davis is the other starting inside linebacker for the Bills.

    Davis is a solid player, but Morrison would be a slight upgrade and would add depth at the ILB position. That is something Buffalo has not had in a while.

    With depth and solid play at ILB, Buffalo's run defense would greatly improve.

9: Kelvin Hayden: Cornerback

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    Kelvin Hayden is a good a cornerback. He would provide a lot of help to Buffalo's pass coverage. 

    Buffalo has some good corners. They have Terrence McGee, Drayton Florence, Leodis McKelvin. They also have a very promising rookie in Aaron Williams. Cornerback may not be that big of a need, but think of it this way...

    Terrence McGee: Brings a veteran presence and good coverage when healthy. Problem is, he is rarely healthy.

    Drayton Florence: Also brings veteran presence and solid coverage, but he is very inconsistent and commits a lot of penalties.

    Leodis McKelvin: Young, talented, extremely inconsistent.

    With that being said, Hayden would be a great addition to Buffalo's secondary.

8: Brian Waters: Guard

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    Buffalo has some young talent on the offensive line, but they lack depth and experience. Brian Waters has been so good for so long and would provide great play and veteran leadership.

    Buffalo's strong side of the line is the left side. Demetrius Bell is at left tackle, Andy Levitre is at left guard and Eric Wood is at center. The right side of the line is more of a question mark.

    Waters would make a nice addition to the right side of the offensive line and would give Buffalo a more solid line all together.

7: Lofa Tatupu: Linebacker

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    Lofa Tatupu is surprisingly still a free agent. He is a very good player when healthy, but that is the main concern. He just came off knee surgery and it is apparently frightening teams.

    But if Tatupu can stay healthy and play the way he has played over the last few years, he would be a GREAT addition for Buffalo.

    He would provide depth at the inside linebacker position, and a much improved defense. Imagine a linebacker crew with Shawne Merriman, Lofa Tatupu and Nick Barnett. Sounds good to me.

6: John Carlson: Tight End

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    John Carlson is not a free agent, so Buffalo would have to trade for him. With Seattle signing Zach Miller, one would have to assume that Carlson is available. He would probably go for a fourth or fifth round pick, which is a deal Buffalo should be willing to make.

    The Bills have not had a good tight end in years. They have had some decent ones, but none as good as Carlson.

    Add Carlson to an offense with Fitzpatrick, Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson and CJ Spiller and you have yourself one heck of an offense.

5: Brett Favre: Quarterback

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    I know, I know, everyone is sick of anything to do with Brett Favre. Also, Ryan Fitzpatrick was more than good enough for Buffalo last season and it looks like they have their first serviceable quarterback since Drew Bledsoe.

    While Fitzpatrick is a good quarterback, he is not Brett Favre. Favre did not play to his standards last year, but come on. That entire team was a mess and they all gave up on Childress.

    Ask yourself, which quarterback would help the Bills the most this season in getting to the playoffs or even Super Bowl?

    The answer is Brett Favre. Don't kid yourself.

4: Asante Samuel: Cornerback

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    Asante Samuel is not a free agent so he would have to be traded for. With Philadelphia signing Nnamdi Asomugha and trading for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, there may not be room for Asante Samuel in Philly.

    The asking price will be high, probably a second-round pick, maybe even a first-rounder. Is it worth the high price?

    Probably not for a team that is rebuilding, but Samuel would provide Buffalo with some serious playmaking that they are lacking.

3: Randy Moss: Wide Receiver

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    This move will more than likely not happen for multiple reasons. Moss would probably not sign with a rebuilding team and Buffalo is trying to get younger. They just traded Lee Evans because they have so much youth at wide receiver. 

    But what if?

    Without Lee Evans, Buffalo may have a hard time finding a good vertical threat to stretch the field. Evans' numbers were down last year, but he still made an impact.

    His ability to constantly draw double coverage played a large part in Stevie Johnson's breakout season last year. Without Evans, Stevie Johnson will be seeing way more double coverage than he saw last year. 

    How does Randy Moss fit in?

    Well, if Buffalo signs him, they have their deep threat. Stevie Johnson would not face that much double coverage with Randy Moss lining up with him. Think about it; what team would be stupid enough to single cover Randy Moss? 

    Randy Moss would give the Bills a better deep threat than Evans ever did. 

2: Terrell Owens: Wide Receiver

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    He knows the fans, he knows the players, he knows the quarterback, he knows Buffalo.

    Terrell Owens returning to Buffalo would do wonders for their offense. Unlike Moss, he would work hard. He would not give up, even if he was unhappy.

    Owens is another player who you would be crazy to cover one-on-one. He is also better than Lee Evans.

    He and Stevie Johnson would be a great duo. 

1: Osi Umenyiora: Defensive End

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    It is no secret that there have been talks of Osi getting traded. It is also no secret that Buffalo is in serious need of pass-rushers. 

    Buffalo would have to pay a lot to get Osi, probably more than what he is worth, but he would help out a lot .

    Buffalo mainly runs a 3-4 defense, which would be hard for Osi to convert to an outside linebacker, but they do still run a 4-3 at times in their hybrid defense. So Osi would still be able to put his hand in the dirt and get it done. 

    Osi and Shawne Merriman would be a dominant pass rush for Buffalo and would definitely put them into the playoff picture.