Will Dallas Cowboys Answer Philadelphia Eagles' Offseason?

James ToljCorrespondent IIAugust 15, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 11:  Asante Samuel #22 of the Philadelphia Eagles in action against the Baltimore Ravens during their pre season game on August 11, 2011 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles had one of the most active NFL offseasons in recent history. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Jason Babin, Vince Young, Ronnie Brown, Nnamdi Asomugha and Cullen Jenkins are just some of high profile additions to the Eagles squad.

As you can imagine, this sent Jerry Jones' head spinning. Making it even worse for Jones was that the Dallas Cowboys failed to sign Asomugha themselves and let him go to their hated NFC East rival.

The Cowboys' offseason has obviously been much less productive than the Eagles, but it has also been more quiet than the majority of teams in the NFL. The Cowboys have silently made a few important moves though.

First, they picked up a new defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, someone that counterbalances Jason Garrett's placid confidence. As we all know, Ryan is confident and he's certainly not quiet.

Ryan's aggressive defensive style will bring some intensity to the Cowboys' play and he even managed to bring a player along with him from Cleveland.

Abram Elam is a consistent safety with experience in Ryan's system. Although he might not be the flashy signing some had hoped for, he will be a solid addition to the team. Sometimes, however, addition can also come by subtraction.

The Cowboys finally decided to cut Roy Williams in the offseason, which severely needed to be done. However, by doing so they left their receiving core depth extremely thin.

New assistant head coach and receivers coach, Jimmy Robinson—who the Cowboys snatched from Green Bay—will help both the younger players and veterans grow exponentially. Robinson imparting his knowledge on the Cowboys' receivers will be especially valuable. His mentoring should get the younger players up to speed faster than expected.

I do think the Cowboys could use some more outside help though, which brings me to the players I believe they should go after.

First, the Cowboys should do everything in the power to get Asante Samuel. Yes, I know it's unlikely, but they need to try. The Eagles won't want to give up a player that has knowledge of their organization to the Cowboys, but the Eagles are still taking offers for him.

Eagles President Joe Banner mentioned to the NFL Network that he has been listening to inquiries about the cornerback. If Cowboys are smart, they'll make one.

The Cowboys will be okay with Mike Jenkins and Terence Newman as their corners—although many fans wouldn't mind if Newman or Jenkins were traded. If the Cowboys could grab Samuel, it could be the spark the defense needs. Samuel's knowledge of the Eagles' inner workings would be an added bonus to his coverage skills.

In an article by Tim McManus of the Philadelphia Sports Daily, McManus stated, "It has been more than two weeks since Asomugha joined this team and Samuel is still here. And with each passing day, it becomes harder to imagine the Eagles weakening their secondary by dealing their starting left corner."

If the Cowboys want to make a splash with Samuel, they better do it soon.

Another spot the Cowboys need to fill is wide receiver. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are a powerful duo, but the talent level drops dramatically behind them. While rookie wideout Dwayne Harris had a great preseason game, until Harris shows up in the regular season the Cowboys can't assume their problems with depth are solved.

The Cowboys missed out on a perfect fit in Jericho Cotchery, but if they could manage to pull two players away from the Eagles then they should.

The Eagles are loaded at wide receiver and getting Jason Avant would be a tremendous pickup for the Cowboys. Let's be honest though, getting one player from Philadelphia would be hard, getting two would be downright impossible.

That leaves a few other options.

Devery Henderson could possibly be grabbed from the New Orleans Saints for the right price, but the Cowboys have already had to deal with players who had problems dropping passes—Roy Williams and Terrell Owens. If the coaching staff could help him hold onto the ball, Henderson could be a good option.

Justin Gage is another interesting prospect. He has had his lulls in production, but Gage would add some needed experience to the wide receiver position and the Tennessee Titans would be willing to move him immediately.

If the Cowboys are not content with any of these options, they could always bring back Owens or sign Randy Moss, but I would bet the house that Garrett won''t even contemplate involving himself with those drama filled scenarios.