Top 5 Memorable Celebrations from the 2010 Packers

Michael DulkaContributor IAugust 13, 2011

Top 5 Memorable Celebrations from the 2010 Packers

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    Last season, the Green Bay Packers had much to celebrate as a team and as individuals. When you have a lot to celebrate, you better do it well. The Packers definitely developed a swagger as the year went on. 

    Some of the celebrations used by Packers players were awful. Frank Zombo's "Zorro" celebration and Nick Barnett's samurai take the cake for bad celebrations.    

    This list takes a look back and provides some of the best celebrations from the 2010 season. Hopefully this upcoming season will provide the Packers and their fans the opportunity for more celebration. 

5. The Predator: Clay Matthews

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    Clay Matthews used this celebration after each sack that he got last season. Packers fans got used to this celebration as Matthews finished the season with 13.5 sacks.

    By the end of the year, Matthews had Packers fans all over the place joining in and mimicking his celebration.

    The celebration is much more subtle than Barnett's or Zombo's drawn-out celebrations. Matthews held a contest last season through his twitter account asking fans to submit videos of them doing the celebration.

    Matthews plans to retire The Predator and start 2011 with a fresh, new celebration.  

4. Half Lambeau Leap: Clay Matthews

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    A list of Packers celebrations would not be complete without mentioning the Lambeau in some form. 

    Matthews capped a dominating performance against the Dallas Cowboys with his first career interception return for a touchdown. His Lambeau Leap was less than dominating as Matthews failed to get into the stands.

    After sprinting for 60 yards, it is pretty understandable that Matthews would be gassed, but Matthews took advantage of a rare touchdown and wanted to partake in the Packers tradition.

    Aaron Rodgers also had a pretty pathetic attempt at a Lambeau Leap after running in a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills.   

3. Cat Daddy: Desmond Bishop

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    In the week leading up to the Packers wild card playoff game against the Eagles, Desmond Bishop asked his followers on twitter what his celebration should be if he got a sack. 

    After somebody suggested he do the dance from the song "Cat Daddy" by The Rej3ctz, Bishop agreed if he was able to get to Michael Vick

    Bishop delivered on the first play of the game. If not for taking his celebration from a horrific song and dance, Bishop's fan involvement would have surely earned him a higher ranking on this list. Bishop gets credit for taking the suggestion of the fan and making sure to deliver when it mattered.  

2. The Raji- B.J. Raji

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    Probably the most unlikely player to return an interception for a touchdown, Raji's celebration was just as shocking as his score. 

    The big boys up front rarely get the chance to celebrate touchdowns, but Raji knew what to do following his first touchdown. The unlikelihood of his touchdown, the preparation, and the game situation all added to Raji's case for the top spot. 

    Following the game, Raji's dance took over the Internet as hundreds of remixes of the dance appeared. The craze took over Green Bay as well. During Media Day before the Super Bowl, a couple Packers players were asked to mimic the dance. This can be seen here

1. Championship Belt: Aaron Rodgers

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    The Championship Belt was probably the most famous celebration of the 2010 NFL season. A tradition that started as a way to ease the pain of training camp, captured the nation leading up to the Super Bowl. 

    Before actually winning a title, showing off his imaginary title belt left Rodgers open to criticism. Rodgers backed up his actions on his way to winning the Super Bowl MVP.

    In the divisional playoff matchup in Atlanta, John Abraham mocked Rodgers following a sack. Rodgers went on to have one of the best performance a quarterback has ever put on. You don't mess with the belt.

    Standing on the podium following the Super Bowl victory, Clay Matthews put a real championship belt over Rodgers' shoulder.

    A practical joke to get through training camp has become the trademark celebration of one of the league's best quarterback. Packers fans hope to see belt often in 2011.