Michael Bourn and the 5 Most Dangerous Base Stealers in MLB Today

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2011

Michael Bourn and the 5 Most Dangerous Base Stealers in MLB Today

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    The Atlanta Braves really spiced up their team by adding speedster Michael Bourn from the Houston Astros just before the trade deadline.

    Stolen bases often get overlooked in the game of baseball, with the majority of fans wanting balls to be hit out of the park every time. In reality, they are one of the most important aspects of the game and can lead a team to victory on any given night.

    2011 has seen a lot of excellent base stealers, but five players stand alone above the rest.

No. 5. Rajai Davis, Toronto Blue Jays

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    Rajai Davis was acquired by the Toronto Blue Jays after a number of great seasons with the Oakland A's.

    So far this year, Davis has accumulated 34 stolen bases and is a threat to run every time he's on base. The only problem is that Davis doesn't get on base enough to be ranked any higher than five.

    Davis is still one of the fastest players in baseball and deserves recognition as a dangerous base stealer.

No. 4. Jose Reyes, New York Mets

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    Not only is Jose Reyes one of the fastest players in MLB, he is probably one of the best all-around players in the game.

    Reyes has 34 steals this year but has been on the disabled list twice, which has hurt his chances of being in the top three for 2011.

    With an average of .336, Reyes is on base a ton and gives the defense trouble nearly every time.

No. 3. Brett Gardner, New York Yankees

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    Brett Gardner has really only been in the limelight for a couple years but has earned his place on the tough New York Yankees squad.

    Gardner is second in the American League with 36 stolen bases and has been excellent as a leadoff man as well.

    Gardner can steal second, third or even home if he wants. Just give him an opportunity, and he'll make you pay.

No. 2. Coco Crisp, Oakland Athletics

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    Coco Crisp is a maniac on the basepaths and leads the American League with 37 stolen bases.

    What makes Crisp fantastic to watch is his ability to rack up a huge amount of steals in any game.

    On Aug. 6th against Tampa Bay, Crisp snatched four bases! Just five days earlier against Minnesota, he stole three.

    While he doesn't get a stolen base every game, he racks them up in bunches and is extremely exciting to watch.

No. 1. Michael Bourn, Atlanta Braves

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    I hinted at this earlier, but Michael Bourn is the Ricky Henderson of our generation (or mine at least).

    He leads the entire MLB with 42 steals and is by far the most consistent stealer in the majors. Over the past couple years, Bourn has jumped his average over .300, and with the speed and athleticism he has, it makes him nearly impossible to stop.

    Bourn can take a base whenever he wants because almost nobody can stop him. There's no close second behind him as the most dangerous base stealer in baseball.