2011 Houston Texans Fan Guide: What Fans Should Do This Season

Kenneth DavisContributor IIAugust 8, 2011

2011 Houston Texans Fan Guide: What Fans Should Do This Season

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    Last year was a very down year for Texans fans, that goes without saying. The players, coaches and front office all let down the city of Houston in a very big way. Fans expected a big year out of our local football club, but they came up short.

    But 2011 is a new year and Texans fans need to be ready for it. I'm sure people were turned away from the 6-10 season in 2010. After offseason moves and coaching changes, we should be prepared for something worth cheering about this season.

    It seems that the organization has done their part, now lets do ours. Here is the fan guide for the upcoming season. This isn't to make the team better (maybe in some ways it will), its to make the fans and the game experience better. Feel free to comment...

11. Dont Sell Your Tickets to the Other Team's Fans

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    Can people stop doing this, please?

    I understand there is an easy buck out there to be made, but just say no to them. I'm sure there is a Texan fan out there that would love your tickets and would pay pretty good money for them. If not, ask me...I would.

    I know that in the past the team has made you mad towards the end of the season and you just don't want the tickets anymore, but be a true fan and make sure they are still in the hands of another Texans fan.

10. No Protest This Year...Lame!

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    Some of you might remember that about three people last year had a protest outside of Reliant Stadium. Maybe not.

    Regardless, it was a waste of time. I felt your pain about Kubiak. We have all had our problems with him as a head coach, but your best bet is to let him know that in the stadium...where more than 60,000 people can join you.

9. Try to Make It to Some Road Games

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    The team can use your support. The fans around the league could see that we mean business. But most importantly, it feels great when you are at a road game and you and a couple of friends are celebrating a touchdown or win in a visiting stadium.

    We have close away games in New Orleans this year. Who wouldn't want to make that a weekend trip? And we have relatively close games in Tennessee, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Miami as well.

    Try to make it to one of them—and thank me later.

8. We Still Don’t Like Tennessee, Regardless If No. 10 Isn’t There

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    We all know by now (at least the sane people do) that we made the right choice between Mario Williams, Reggie Bush and Vince Young. But lets face it, Vince Young being on the Titans has added something to this rivalry.

    But lets not forget, we didn't like the team before he got there and we sure will not like them after he is gone. Lets make sure they know this when they come into Reliant Stadium.



    Bud Adams still owns the team. Just thought that would help.

7. On Battle Red Day, WEAR BATTLE RED!

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    This also goes for Liberty White and Deep Steel Blue.

    Don't wear purple, yellow or green to the game, get in the spirit and show your love. Even if its a plain shirt it is just perceived better.

6. Be Fair to the Visiting Fans

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    I'm not saying go out there and hug and kiss them, but just be fair. They are fans just like we are, so of course they are going to cheer when you are upset.

    And like I said in No. 9, it feels good to be at a road game. There is no reason to curse at them and their children or throw beer at them. Just talk noise to them like you would at any other bar or party.

5. Sneak as Many People as You Can in for the Tailgating

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    Remember that horrible change in the tailgating rules they made last year because of crazy Cowboys fans? The Parking lot got kind of bare.

    Well, forget that. We need to come up with ways of getting it packed again.

    Tailgating is what Houston Texans fans are absolutely great at and it needs to stay that way. I don't care if you sneak in people in the trunk of your car, hide people in the RV restroom or pass along tickets through the gate. I don't care, just make it happen.

4. Figure out Which Team You Are Rooting for

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    Please. Come on. Its just...confusing.

    You're there at a Texans/Dolphins game with a JaMarcus Russell jersey.

    First, why did you even buy that? Second, who are you rooting for? And Third, did you not know you would be at a Texans game today?

    We can do better than this.

3. Figure out Which Sport You Are Here to Watch

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    Just like No. 4...but worse.

    Every see those people at Reliant Stadium with Kevin Garnett jerseys when we are playing the Cleveland Browns? Have you been to a Jags/Texans game and glanced over to the right and see a guy in a Albert Pujols jersey?

    Horrible. Just horrible. Lets get on the same page, people. Its not that hard. You have three choices:

    1. Texans (really should be the only choice)

    2. Visiting Team

    3. My jersey was dirty, so I just wore a plain T- Shirt

    By the way, those guys with their shirts off spelling T-E-X-A-N-S in body paint are under group one. And can we get some nice females to spell it out this year?

    That would be nice. I promise you we will make it to the Super Bowl if that happens!

2. Get There Early!

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    I would even take on time.

    We all know the traffic is bad, so lets get up earlier that day and make it there before kickoff. You would appreciate the experience a lot better that way.

    And for those people who tailgate during the whole game and hold on to the tickets, give them to someone. I'm sure there is somebody out there that would love to be in the game. You're not going in anyway, so lets fill up those seats.

1. Ditch the Outdated Apparel

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    The No. 8 Carr jerseys? No. 55 Sharper jerseys? Really?

    Its old, dingy and its just not a good look. Cant afford a new jersey? Just buy a Texans T-Shirt from a some store. Some cost about $10.

    Trust me, it looks better than wearing that old No. 37 Domanick (Davis) Williams jersey.