New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions for the 2011 NFL Season

Jeffrey Schmidt@JeffSchmidt9Correspondent IIIAugust 8, 2011

New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions for the 2011 NFL Season

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    The New York Giants finished 10-6 last season, but failed to make the playoffs for a second consecutive year after another late season collapse.

    The Giants are to ready to make a playoff push, and with the lockout finally being lifted; teams have finally began to gear up for the 2011 season,

    The Giants play in the always tough NFC East, and once again their schedule favors them in the beginning of the season.

    Tom Coughlin signed a one-year extension in the off-season, but that does not mean that he is off the hot seat. Another late season collapse will cause the Giants to venture elsewhere, and you can see who I predict will be the coach if Coughlin were to be fired here.

    Without further ado, here are my 5 bold prediction for the Giants 2011 season.    

Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs Rush for 1,000 Yards Each

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    Why both reaching 1,000 yards is bold

    Bradshaw lead the Giants last year with just over 1,200 yards on the ground, compared to Jacobs finishing with over 800. This is bold because it has only happened six times in NFL history, with the last time being done in 2009 by Carolina's Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. 

    Why it will happen this year 

    Brandon Jacobs had 129 fewer carries than Ahmad Bradshaw last season, but look for more balance from the Giants this year. Jacobs averaged over 5.6 yards per carry, and with roughly 40 more carries thrown his way, he would have reached that mark. 

    The Giants receiving core looks to be a little banged up early in the season, which is going to cause Kevin Gilbride to set up the pass with the ground game; in hence giving both these guys more carries.  

The Giants Win Both Games Against the "Dream Team"

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    Why sweeping the Eagles is bold 

    If last season's debacle wasn't enough for you to question this, then I don't know what will. The last time the Giants have even won a game against the Eagles was November 9, 2008. That's six straight losses against the birds. 

    Why it will happen 

    The Giants should have, could have, and would have swept the Eagles last season. Eli tossed up three devastating picks in the first game, and I don't think I need to haunt anybody's memories about what happened in that second game.

    Perry Fewell seemed to have Vick's number in both games, and I expect to see the same result this season. The Giants also proved they can match the eagles point for point, so expect high scoring games. 

    The Giants secondary will be out for revenge on Desean Jackson, and will clearly do everything in their power to take him out of the game. 

Eli Manning Throws 40 TD Passes

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    Why Eli throwing for 40 TD passes is bold 

    Eli has only thrown over 30 touchdowns once in his career, and that happened to be last season. With Steve Smith's future with the Giants in question, guys like Victor Cruz, Rames Barden, and Michael Clayton are going to have to increase production if Smith is not there. 

    Why it will happen  

    Mario Manningham had an extremely quiet 900 receiving yards for the Giants last year, and made a number of huge plays. Hakeem Nicks has developed into one of the premier receivers in the league, and is a lock for 1,200 yards and 15 touchdowns this season.

    Although it was pre-season, Victor Cruz showed he had some playmaking ability which is always good to have. Nicks and Manningham will combine for 25 out of the 40, with Travis Beckham having a surprising year while adding another 8 to the mix. Clayton, Cruz, and the running backs will take care of the rest.   

Matt Dodge Will Make the Pro-Bowl

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    Why this is an extremely bold prediction 

    Matt Dodge ripped the heart out of every single Giants fan on that cold December day against the Eagles. Most if not all Giants fans have still not gotten over it, which really makes you have a new respect for what Jeff Feagles did during his tenure. Dodge was spectacular for being unspectacular, and had a number of punts that left you puzzled.

    Why it will happen

    Dodge showed some promise last year, and he does have a hell of a leg when he does connect with the football. He averaged 44.6 yards per punt which had him in the top 10 for all punters. His punt of 69 yards also had him tied for third in the long ball category, proving he does have a leg.

    This guy will be fine after having a year under his belt, and I expect him to be a bright spot for the Giants this season. 

The Giants Head to Indy in Early Feburary

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    Why this is bold 

    After failing to make the playoffs for two consecutive seasons and having late season fallout's, its hard to imagine the Giants playing for the their second Super Bowl title in 4 years. The NFC is loaded with the likes of Green Bay, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Chicago just to name a few. 

    Why it will happen  

    The Giants are a veteran team that was fitted perfectly for a lockout situation. Most of the team was kept intact, so there will be no chemistry issues. The defensive will be a top 5 defensive this season, which is a bold prediction in itself, and Eli will finally have that magical season where he puts it all together. The road to Indy maybe be difficult, but expect Big Blue to be competing for the Lombardi trophy once again this season.