No Cuban for the Cubs, Source Says

mark murrellCorrespondent INovember 7, 2008

Just when you thought the rumor mill was closed, Chris De Luca of the Chicago Suntimes claims to have sources that support September’s claim (Chi-Ball) that Mark Cuban never had a chance to buy the Cubs, but rather, as simply a pawn. Once again, however, they fail to name names.

What’s the Truth?
Only Sam Zell, and perhaps a select few, really know the truth about the bidding process. Let’s say the claims are fact, Zell still is not going to get what he wants unless he actually sells to Cuban. So, if his goal was to raise the bidding amount by getting Cuban involved, it worked, but it backfired because he will not get the 1 Billion he is looking for without him…especially in this economy.

If not Cuban, then Who?
Tom Ricketts, of course! Unfortunately Ricketts is not stable anymore as a buyer. The funny thing is in an economy like this one Cuban is the most viable option, through his net worth and real assets. Plus he has the popular vote; the electoral (Selig and his cronies) vote will have major influence however.

In the End
If the Cubs sell this year, I bet it is Mark Cuban as the buyer. What started as a business tactic to raise the value (sound familiar, Wallstreet) of the Cubs will most likely turn into the sale of the Cubs directly to the pawn. Zell wants cash, Zell needs cash, Zell will go to the highest bidder, whoever that may be.

Sit and wait…Chis De Luca, name your sources! Email me.