NFL Free Agents: 10 Players Receiving Too High of Expectations

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIAugust 5, 2011

NFL Free Agents: 10 Players Receiving Too High of Expectations

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    There are always those players who sorely underachieve their expectations in free agency. 

    For every player who has hit the market and done well with a new team, there are at least two who have gone in and disappointed. 

    NFL free agency in 2011 could probably be considered more of frenzy than anything, being that it came right off the heels of a lockout. 

    Perhaps during that frenzy there were a few teams that bit off a little bit more than they could chew, and now they are left trying to hype up a player that will probably not live up to the expectations. 

    Here are 10 players receiving too high of expectations:

10. Bob Sanders: San Diego Chargers

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    The Bolts are doing everything they can to finally get over that hump and play their way into the Super Bowl. 

    Many in San Diego feel that Sanders is going to be a key new ingredient to their defense, but I beg to differ. 

    He’s been far too injured as of late, and is nowhere near the player that he used to be. 

    I’d be surprised to see him on the field enough to contribute much.


9. Jeremy Shockey: Carolina Panthers

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    Shockey is expected to be the Panthers co-No. 1 tight end along with Greg Olsen. 

    While I don’t think he is going to be horrible, I feel that Shockey is way past his time and that he will end up more disappointed than anything with the Panthers.

    Shockey strikes me as the guy who quits when times get tough, and I feel the Panthers are about to face some hard times. 

    He might prove me wrong, but I don’t expect much out of the guy.

8. Matt Hasselbeck: Tennessee Titans

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    If anybody in Tennessee is expecting Hasselbeck to be anything more than a stopgap than they will be sorely disappointed. 

    He has been declining year after year as a quarterback, and injuries are really starting to pile up in the latter stages of his career. 

    If it wasn’t for two great games in last year's playoffs then he wouldn’t even be an option for the Titans. 

    He’s going to be disappointing, and it’s sad he has to end his career in Tennessee.


7. Nick Barnett: Buffalo Bills

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    Barnett was a great player during his time with the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately injuries really sidelined his career, literally. 

    He missed a majority of the Packers Super Bowl run, and even before 2010 he was quickly declining and taking a hit on their depth chart. 

    If Barnett can be half the player he used to be than he will be okay for the Bills.  

    Unfortunately, I think the Bills are expecting him to be the same Nick Barnett we saw in his prime with the Packers. 

6. Nate Clements: Cincinnati Bengal

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    Clements is a solid corner, but in no way is he lock-down No. 1 guy material.

    The problem is, that is what he is going to have to be for the Cincinnati Bengals. 

    He is not going to have much talent around him, and don’t forget he is coming from one of the best defenses in the league.

5. Michael Huff: Oakland Raiders

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    By no means is Michael Huff a bad player, but by every definition he is an inconsistent player. 

    He was good last year, but he still takes way too many bad routes in coverage, and sometimes he can just look plain old lost on the field. 

    He got a very sizable contract from the Raiders to stick around, and I have a feeling he will be more disappointing than not.

4. Steve Breaston: Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Chiefs gave Breaston a five-year, $25 million contract with $9.5 million guaranteed. 

    With that time period and money I can guarantee you Breaston is going to disappoint his new team. 

    First, he is a slot receiver at the very best, and that’s not a slot contract. 

    Second, the Cardinals could have used him, but they opted to let him go. 


    Perhaps his bad knees played into the decision, but overall this is a baffling and disappointing signing.

3. Roy Williams: Chicago Bears

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    Many people are excited because Williams is going to be reuniting with offensive coordinator Mike Martz. 

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to be the comeback tour that the Bears are hoping for. 

    Williams gets somewhat ornery when he isn’t the main target, and I don’t think he is good enough to be No. 1 anymore. 

    Couple that with a somewhat moody quarterback in Jay Cutler, and egomaniac coordinator in Martz, and a city that always has high expectations on their teams… 

    Bad news Bears…

2. Reggie Bush: Miami Dolphins

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    Reggie Bush has underachieved in the NFL, especially when you consider his time at USC and some of the amazing things that he made happen on the college field. 

    That being said there is no way I could ever consider him a bad player, but more so blame a lot of his woes on injuries.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Bush will be able to stay on the field enough for the Dolphins to find use for him. 

    He’s supposed to come in and be a huge piece to the puzzle, but I think he is going to be underwhelming in Miami.


1. Plaxico Burress: New York Jets

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    Many are considering Plaxico to come in and be the missing piece of the puzzle to the Jets offense. 

    While I don’t think he is going to be bad, I have a feeling that two years not playing football is going to come back to haunt him. 

    There is quite an adjustment that needs to be made to get back into game shape. 

    I don’t see Burress being the guy the Jets signed him to be this year.

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