Atlanta Braves: 4 Reasons the Trade Deadline Gave the Braves a World Series Push

Ross DurrenceCorrespondent IIAugust 3, 2011

Atlanta Braves: 4 Reasons the Trade Deadline Gave the Braves a World Series Push

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    The clock was ticking down on the trade deadline, and Atlanta Braves fans were anxiously waiting for an update.

    Carlos Beltran, gone.

    Hunter Pence to a division rival.

    It was looking pretty grim for Atlanta, as the two best power-hitting outfielders were quickly swept off the table.

    Things did, however, quickly turn around.

    The Braves added the best center fielder available by acquiring Michael Bourn from the Astros.

    Let's look at four reasons why the trade deadline will push Atlanta all the way to the World Series

The Addition of a Top Quality Lead-off Hitter

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    Prior to the trade deadline, the Atlanta Braves were getting little to no offense from their lead-off spot. 

    Posting a .254 average and .306 on-base percentage, the top of the batting order was not producing like the Braves needed it to.

    Enter Bourn.

    The best available center fielder this year, Bourn is the prototypical lead-off hitter.

    He boasts a .303 average and .363 on-base percentage, which will do wonders to help Atlanta score runs.

They Have the Pieces to Make a Waiver Wire Deal

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    One of the best parts of the Bourn trade was that the Braves held on to their top pitching prospects.

    The importance of that?

    The Bravos have all the pieces they need to make another deal this season to strenghten their lineup before October.

Stability in the Outfield

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    One of the most important parts of a World Series push is staying healthy.

    Unfortunately for the Braves, they've been bitten by the injury bug often this season.

    However, with Bourn in center field every day, the Braves can allow Nate McLouth and Chipper Jones to take their time with their recoveries.

    Martin Prado can play third with Chipper hurt, and the Braves can survive with having one outfield position being platooned by a few names.

They Can Truly Play Small Ball

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    The Braves have had their fair share of offensive struggles this season, and Brian McCann being on the disabled list only makes matters worse.

    If the Braves want to make a deep post-season run, they'll need to manufacture more runs.

    With the addition of speedster Bourn, the Braves have the perfect man to steal bases, bunt, take the extra base, etc.

    Bourn will, without a doubt, be the key player in the Braves' run.