Ronnie Brown Rumors: The Updated Odds on Landing with Dolphins, Rams and Ravens

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIAugust 2, 2011

Ronnie Brown Rumors: The Updated Odds on Landing with Dolphins, Rams and Ravens

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    As the best available free agent running back available, it is surprising that Ronnie Brown hasn't signed a contract yet. In fact, there are only three teams that are rumored to have interest: the Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Rams and Baltimore Ravens.

    While Ronnie Brown has made his intentions known where he would like to play, nothing has been finalized and so we are left to speculate where he might end up. Here are the updated odds of which team he will finally sign with.

Miami Dolphins

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    Odds: 10 percent

    This is where Brown's heart clearly is, but the odds look pretty low that he will stay here. He has spoken his desire about wanting to stay in Miami.

    However, when the Dolphins traded for Reggie Bush and drafted Daniel Thomas, all signs pointed to them cutting ties with Brown. There is a small chance that Miami will bring him back to help mentor Thomas, but it seems very unlikely right now.

Baltimore Ravens

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    Odds: 30 percent

    Landing in Baltimore would be the ideal situation for Ronnie Brown. When the Ravens released Willis McGahee, Brown to Baltimore started picking up pace as a possible destination.

    Brown could play behind Ray Rice in a familiar offense and could possibly have a decent statistical year. He is a good receiver and a powerful runner, much like Rice. Opposing defenses would get no break between Brown and Rice and they would wear out quickly.

    Baltimore is still a possibility, but they aren't the most likely destination.

St. Louis Rams

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    Odds: 60 percent.

    Brown signing with the St. Louis Rams appears to be the most likely outcome right now. The Rams are certainly interested as they look for a backup for Steven Jackson.

    This would actually be a win-win situation for both St. Louis and Brown. The Rams would be able to stop depending on Jackson so much and slow down the wear on him. For Brown, he could play for a playoff contender and with Jackson's streak of small injuries, he could actually see some starting time.

    If St. Louis adds Brown, they would be considered the favorites in the NFC West.