Gregg Williams Says Saints Playoff Loss 'Still Chaps My Ass'

Randy SavoieAnalyst IIAugust 1, 2011

Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is never at a loss for words in New Orleans.
Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is never at a loss for words in New Orleans.Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images

Louisiana hasn't had a quote machine this good since Dale Brown.

Back in the 80's, the former LSU coach would quote everyone from Pope John Paul to Mandela to Gandhi while talking basketball.

Brown made a reporter's difficult life a lot easier and then he backed up his colorful badinage with wins and championships.

Like Brown 25 years before, New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is never at a loss for words and, like Brown, he backs it up with action.

They don't call him Mr. Dial-a-Quote for nothing, ya' know.

He addressed the media for the first time on Saturday full of piss-n-vinegar and a whole lot of hot talk.


Here's a Williams sampler.

  • On the Saints playoff loss to Seattle: "I've been pretty good putting bad days behind me, but not this one," he said. I can't stop thinking about it. The men will find out soon enough. I'm just waiting for the right time, the right words. Usually the position coaches handle this. Not this time. I'll be handling this myself.''
  • On the defense's poor tackling against Seattle: We are one of the best tackling teams in the league. We didn't tackle very well that last game against Seattle, and that still chaps my ass. We'll tackle well this year, and I'm not worried about putting on a clinic for other coaches, either. They can be piss-poor tackling teams. We won't be."
  • On the re-signing of Saints safety Roman Harper:  "You guys criticized him for two plays in that game. It's too bad you guys (reporters) don't know anything about football because you're dead wrong because he played well except those two plays. I could say that for 99% of the players out there. I'm happy Roman is back. We need him. He makes me a better coach.''
  • On linebacker Jonathan Casillas, who missed last season due to injury: "He's got to prove that he can be available week in and week out. If you're not available, then you become a reporter or a coach or an insurance salesman. But you're not a professional athlete."

And if you think that's some hot talk, folks, just wait.

It's only the first week of training camp.

Gregg Williams is just getting warmed up on the bayou.

Ya' know?