Braylon Edwards: Perfect Free Agent for the Ravens

Kyle HowardContributor IAugust 2, 2011

Can you imagine Braylon Edwards lining up for the Ravens with Anquan Boldin and the rookie Torrey Smith? The Ravens have been looking for too long upgrade their receiving core, and now they are in dire need to do so since they chose to cut Derrick Mason and Todd Heap.

The Ravens have now lost two of their top targets for Flacco. This means that this off season it is even more important for the Ravens to look into signing another WR, and hopefully it is a big name that could add another true deep threat for Flacco.



So why Braylon Edwards?

Edwards is 6'3" and has great jumping abilities. He is only 27 years old, and already has 39 touchdowns, tying him with Alge Crumpler. He also averages 57 yards a game, and has already accumulated 5,142 yards in his seven seasons in the NFL. He is still young enough that the potential is still higher than his higher skill. This means that with the tutoring of Anquan Boldin, it could be something truly special.



What about the drawbacks of Edwards?

The issues with Braylon Edwards mainly stem from the fact that some believe that he has  serious character issues. Being born and raised in Detroit can do that to people, but it can also mean that they have more determination, perseverance and toughness than others.

He has had some issues in the past, and more recently, he was reportedly involved in a bar fight with the staff of a club while he was partying with Jalen Rose. He also has other issues such as a DWI, punching a member of LeBron's entourage and being with Stallworth the night he hit a man while drunk driving, though not in the car.

These issues are things that could affect a player in the long run, as seen with players like Adam "Pacman" Jones, Vince Young and Charles Rodgers.  However, for the Ravens and their depleted WR corps, it is time to take the risk on someone like Edwards—especially when they should be able to get him for a contract that won't be limited because of possible concerns about reported character issues.

The Ravens need a wide receiver badly. They are currently very weak at this position and need major upgrades. The addition of Braylon Edwards would add another young deep threat for defenses to have to guard along with Boldin.



If not Edwards who else could be a possibility?


Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, and Santonio Holmes have all already been taken off of the market, so most say that Edwards is the next best option at receiver, especially with the sudden retirement of Randy Moss yesterday. Edwards is looking to be the best option for the Ravens in this current free agent class.

The only other options for the Ravens would be convincing Randy Moss to come out of retirement or for them to take an even bigger risk on an older Terrell Owens. There is always a trade option, but at this point the Ravens don't want to give up any of their players, so unless it was a wide receiver for a draft pick trade, they probably would not be interested.

The acquisition of Edwards would give them a group that would include Boldin, Edwards, the rookie Smith at WR and Ed Dickson at TE. That would give them some good threats which would make defenses focus on the passing game more than just the rushing game.