Pepe and Albert: This Is Going to Be Fun as a New England Patriots Fan in 2011

Deaver BrownContributor IIJuly 31, 2011

Chad!Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Pepe and Albert? This is going to be a high octane season, win or lose. What I have always loved about the Pats is they have been fun to watch. From Babe and Steve Grogan, through Drew Bledsoe arriving as a savior—and getting us to the Superbowl don't forget, to the miracle of Tom Brady.

Above all this is a game, not a war. I'd rather watch a really well played loss like the Superbowl win by the Giants than a 38-0 win I saw against Indy many years ago. Of course, I live for the close wins such as Adam's two toe Superbowls.

Pepe and Albert will be a rocket ride. No matter what they actually do, think about how much fun it will be to imagine them in action.

This is not going to be Ohio State, Woody Hayes, three yards, and a cloud of dust. This is going to be a rocket ride. Pepe did so well even when Carson Palmer had no offensive line protection. Imagine what he can do with the Pats offensive line giving Tom Brady time to hit Pepe as he did Randy Moss.

Randy, unfortunately, spouted off. A very un-Patriot thing to do. He did not take note that Milloy, Law, Samuels and others that spouted off were soon gone. Mr. Kraft is clear: "Team, team, team." And, "It takes 53 men to win the Superbowl and we were lucky to have the right 53."

Being a somewhat biased Pats supporter, OK a totally biased one, I think Pepe gets a lot of fun out of his antics. It is hard not to get a chuckle from his tweets and carrying on in the end zone. He loves life and the game. What more can you really ask for?

The Twin Tank to Accompany Vince!
The Twin Tank to Accompany Vince!Al Bello/Getty Images


As Wes Welker said eloquently, "He never did anything seriously wrong, if wrong at all." Quite right. A young man having fun.

Randy always was in some anguish. You could almost feel his pain sometimes; it was not fun for him or others when he had his outbursts such as the one after our first victory last year.

I'll bet we'll really get a kick out of Pepe's tweets. Hopefully his fun and optimism will dominate and he won't go nuts with the huge national coverage the Pats get. After all, would Randy have had as much trouble here if the national press didn't stalk him 24/7? That is the risk of being in the Pats' fishbowl.

Now as for Albert. Wow. If we can get him motivated, as Corey Dillon was here, it will be terrific.

Do you remember the enormous cheer Corey got on his first run, although it was only for two yards. As Pats fans, we were just glad he didn't go backwards. It meant a lot to Corey: "I just went two yards and you'd have thought I won the game. I love this place."

Albert has nothing to prove. He has the money. Now we'll see if he gets stoked up. Remember our team leader Mr. Wilfork who hosts the Draft day parties, among other things. Mr. Selfless has had to stuff the middle so others get the tackles; but in Pats land we KNOW how great he is and we appreciate Mr. Kraft resigning him.

Mayo and Devin whooping it up!
Mayo and Devin whooping it up!Elsa/Getty Images


The twin tanks will be awesome.

This isn't going to be just another season. This should be a spectacular one. We get tweets; we get Albert playing hard, not playing hard, maybe playing hard.

Albert and Vince should make Devin McCourty's life easier, especially if our No.1 becomes the equal of Devin's first year, or even close to it.

And what about Mr. Genius, Coach B, following the Leo Tolstoy approach to his young defense, "Time and patience are the ultimate warriors." His draft supported them and did not disrespect them. They picked up another potential shut down corner who can only make Devin and the rest of the Pats better.

Mayo and company have another year. And now they have the twin tanks up front, Vince and Albert. They even sound like great tank names.

Let the preseason begin. Can't wait.

Thank you Mr. Kraft and Mr. Belichick for such a wonderful start to the 2011 season!