Fantasy Football 2011: 25 Fantasy Football Team Names to Consider

Chris Faig@@ULuminaryCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2011

Now that the 132-day long NFL Lockout has finally come to end and many teams are already tediously at work reshaping their franchises for the upcoming season, Fantasy Football players are already drafting their squads and scouting prospects.  

Some Fantasy Football players couldn't care less about what their team name is, while others will go deep into thought to create an exciting and original name that will stand out across the league.  As with any other team name, the name for your Fantasy Football team should be interesting and maybe even intimidating.

With player evaluations and comparing stats, you may not have time or really even feel like coming up with a fun and creative name.  Some are original and some are classics.  So, take a look at 25 Fantasy Football Team Names that you might want to consider.  Enjoy.


1. Green Goblins

2. The Mighty Mastodons

3. Big Blue

4. Killer Cobras

5. The KO Kings

6. The Winners and The Sinners

7. Going Long

8. The Goon Squad

9.  Gang Green

10. The Little Giants

11. The Unfamiliar Luminary

12. The Versace Venom

13. Heavy Hitters

14. Burberry Bombers

15. Hong Kong Kung-Fu Pandas

16. Crusaders

17. Gainesville Gators

18. Violet Vipers

19. Congo Kangaroos

20. The Aussie Apes

21. Painful Penguins

22. Golden Gophers

23. The Lucky Losers

24. Team Prison

25. Bad Ass Grasshoppers


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