NFL Free Agency: Chicago Bears Going After Receivers

Aris TheotokatosCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2011

Roy Williams is expected to sign with the Chicago Bears, according to a league source.
Roy Williams is expected to sign with the Chicago Bears, according to a league source.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

According to league sources, the Chicago Bears are expected to sign ex-Cowboy receiver, Roy Williams. This would reunite him with offensive coordinator Mike Martz from their years in Detroit.  The Bears are also in contact with former Jaguar's receiver, Mike Sims-Walker.

Before these reports surfaced, what had been the Chicago Bear's biggest free agent acquisition thus far? Punter Adam Podlesh.

Or maybe it was adding tight end, Matt Spaeth (obviously, that was a joke). 

With 34 million in cap space just begging to be spent, the Bears have been less than impressive with their decisions and gun-shy with their money.

Last summer they were spending it like they had too much of it, agreeing to deals with Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor on the first day of free agency, so this year's silence has left many fans, myself included, scratching their heads.

It is common knowledge by now that the Bear's biggest need is a big-time wide receiver to give Jay Cutler some much needed help.  Devin Hester is the best return man in NFL history but he and Johnny Knox aren't number one receivers, so when general manager Jerry Angelo traded away Cutler's safety blanket in Greg Olsen to the Carolina Panthers for a 2012 third-round pick, it appeared that Chicago was heading in the wrong direction.

In fact, the Bears seemed to be on the defensive in entirety of this free agency period, losing more than they were gaining.  Greg Olsen was traded to the Panthers, Danieal Manning signed with the Houston Texans and Rashied Davis is going to the Detroit Lions. Additionally, the San Francisco 49ers are threatening to lure Olin Kreutz away from Chicago.

I was beginning to question whether or not Jerry Angelo had a plan.

So when I read about the Roy Williams and Mike Sims-Walker rumors, I suddenly didn't miss Greg Olsen all that much.  Suddenly, all the arguments about tight ends not fitting into Mike Martz's offensive system finally began to make sense

What started as silence during free agency has turned into background noise.  The Bears waited out a deep free agent market and now seem poised to spend some big bucks.  

I don't want to get my, or any other fan's, hopes up, but I can't help but imagine the Bears offense with Roy Williams and Mike Sims-Walker.  It's still not a certainty that either Williams or Walker will be in a Bears uniform, but the rumor alone is a boost of confidence that the Bears have a plan.

There are still glaring needs along the offensive line especially if Olin Kreutz leaves for San Francisco. There are some lingering issues on defense at strong side linebacker, depth on the defensive line and secondary help.

But after taking a step back in the Greg Olsen trade, the addition of Williams and/or Sims-Walker is five steps forward.

I never thought I'd say this, but let's get it, Jerry Angelo.  Let's get it. 



The Bears have agreed to terms with former Cowboy receivers Roy Williams and Sam Hurd