Chicago Cubs: Brett Jackson and 4 Other Players Who Deserve the Call

Jake KarmelCorrespondent IIJuly 28, 2011

Chicago Cubs: Brett Jackson and 4 Other Players Who Deserve the Call

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    In light of the debacle 2011 has been for the Cubs, it's almost that time of year again (but not really) for September call-ups and the 40-man expanded roster.

    It's time for an overhaul on the Northside of Chicago. The current roster is chock-full of under-performers and flat out bad ball players. It's time for change and time to bring up the young guns and see what they're made of.

    In this slideshow I'm going to look at who should get the call and why. It's time to see what these young guys are made of and what the future holds for this ball club.

Brett Jackson

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    It's about time to see what this 22-year-old is made of.

    The argument against bringing up Jackson is, why rush him? He's only hitting around .204 in Triple-A for Iowa. I understand that. But come September if the Cubs are still 20 games under .500 why not see what the kid can do in the MLB? It wouldn't hurt.

    I know people don't want Jackson to turn into another Patterson brother or Tyler Colvin. I get that. If he's not ready after some time with the big boys then send him back down next season. I'm not saying keep him up here.

    He's the Cubs top prospect for a reason. Let's give him a shot.

DJ LeMahieu

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    I think DJ LeMahieu deserves another call-up. When he was up in June, he impressed me quite a bit.

    I know he's not an absolute stud but he's talented. The kid is only recently turned 23 years old.

    In 37 at bats with the big league club LeMahieu posted a .243 average.

    In Double-A and Triple-A this season, LeMahieu is tearing it up. He's posted a very high .346 batting average between the two leagues. And oh yeah, his on base percentage is also .375.

    With the big boys he showed he can flash the leather. That's more than you can say about half the guys on the MLB squad right now.

Wellington Castillo

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    Wellington Castillo shouldn't even be in the minor leagues. He should be Geovany Soto's current backup. But of course that makes too much sense.

    Castillo never went to play Double-A with the Smokies. He didn't need to.

    In Triple-A this season Castillo is absolutely tearing it up. He's hitting .315 with 15 home runs and 35 runs driven in. He has more RBI than recently traded Kosuke Fukudome and current backup Koyie Hill, combined.

    Need I say more?

Casey Coleman

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    I like Casey Coleman a lot more than I should. He had a rough go while in the majors and is still very raw. Even though he wasn't very good with his ERA over 7.00, he still deserves another look.

    Coleman, to me, has great stuff. A lively fastball and a good off-speed. Both need a bit of work but with the right coaching the 23-year-old can be very good.

    If he is stuck in the 'pen and not the rotation it will take some of the pressure off of the kid. I say bring him up to the big leagues and let him work on his stuff against the game's best now that the Cubs are out of any race.

Josh Vitters

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    Josh Vitters is probably one of my more controversial picks to get a call in September. That aside, its about time the kid gets a look.

    Many Cubs fans forget because he was drafted out of high school at age 17 that he is only 21 years old. I think besides Jackson, Vitters may be one of the Cubs better prospects.

    This season in Double-A he has posted a very respectable, in my opinion, .273 batting average while slugging 10 home runs and driving in 49 RBI.

    Like Jackson, if things don't work out and he doesn't play well in the majors, the worst that can happen is he gets sent back down for next season. I just think he's worth a look.

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