2011 NFL Free Agency: 5 Moves the Philadelphia Eagles Should Make This Offseason

Sheik Meah@sheikstylesContributor IIIJuly 28, 2011

2011 NFL Free Agency: 5 Moves the Philadelphia Eagles Should Make This Offseason

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    There has been a flurry of moves in the 2011 NFL free agency as expected.

    While the past 48 hours have seem like an NFL version of March Madness, people in Philadelphia are already grumbling that Andy Reid will once again not do anything in free agency and assume the Eagles are good enough to make a Super Bowl run with what they have.

    I don't think it will be as bad as that for Eagles fans, but don't expect the sexy moves that you see other teams making.

    Here are five moves that you should expect Andy Reid and the Eagles to make.

Expect Kevin Kolb to Go to the Cardinals for DRC and a Third-Round Pick

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    As soon as Tarvaris Jackson signed with the Seahawks, the Eagles could kiss the idea of getting a first-round pick for Kolb goodbye.

    When Donovan McNabb went to Minnesota for a sixth-round pick, it diminished the chances of the Eagles getting a second-round pick in return. Getting a third-round pick though, and a starting corner for a backup quarterback isn't a bad deal.

    Not to mention Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is only 25-years-old and going into his fourth season, so he fits the Eagles youth movement they have going for them. With DRC coming to Eagles nation, it almost solidifies my next point....

Don't Expect the Eagles to Get a Cornerback

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    The Eagles have $20 million under the cap and are not going to spend half of it on Nnamdi Asomugha.

    Plus, it seems like Reid isn't ready to give up on guys like Joselio Hanson and Dimitri Patterson just yet. Add in the fact that they drafted Curtis Marsh out of Utah State and it looks like you won't see any other new cornerback in Eagles green besides Rodgers-Cromartie.

    There are some reports that the Eagles may try to scoop up Nate Clements, but I very much doubt it.

Expect the Eagles to Boost the Defensive Line

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    Albert Haynesworth went to New England for a fifh-round pick and the Patriots are willing to pay him $5 million this year.

    With that being said, it's not a bad thing that the Eagles did not to get him. It has just been announced that the Eagles agreed to a five-year deal with Jason Babin, but don't think they are done. Expect to see Ray Edwards from the Vikings in an Eagles uniform as well before everything is said and done.

    If the Eagles are content with having a young linebacker core anchored by Jamar Chaney and Casey Matthews, the D-line has to be great to protect them from getting run over on every play.

Don't Expect the Eagles to Sign a Running Back or Wide Receiver

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    Reggie Bush was rumored to be coming to Philly, but he is now part of the Miami Dolphins. Plaxico Burress will either end up in Pittsburgh or New York, and you can kill any chance of Randy Moss having a meeting with the Eagles front office.

    Here's the deal: The Eagles have DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper and signed Sinorice Moss in January. They are not going to go after another receiver no matter how much red zone trouble they've had.

    As far as running backs, Reggie Bush was only thought of as being a special teamer who could spell Jackson from his punt returning duties. Andy Reid didn't draft Dion Lewis to ride the bench and is the type of running back that coach Reid likes. It would be the surprise of the offseason if the Eagles try to get Ahmad Bradshaw or Marion Barber to wear midnight green.

Expect the Eagles to Give DeSean Jackson Top-5 Receiver Money

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    DeSean Jackson deserves his money, no one can argue with that. The Eagles have the money to give him a nice pay bump, but with Santonio Holmes making close to $9 million per year with the new deal he signed with the Jets, expect Jackson to look for the same thing.

    Also, remember Chris Johnson took a small pay jump last year with the Titans in anticipation that his contract would be taken care of for big money this year which that hasn't happened yet. That means the Eagles can't just hand him $3 million for this year and expect him to be happy.

    Expect the Eagles to fork over an extra $6 million for this year and to offer Jackson a contract that will average out to almost $8 million per year. The bad thing about DeSean making so much money is you won't be seeing him doing what he does best. (check out the video)