NFL Trade Rumors: Chicago Bears to Shop Greg Olsen?

Luke Carlton@lukecarlton6Contributor IIIJuly 28, 2011

CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 27:  Greg Olsen #82 of the Chicago Bears runs for yards after the catch against the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field on September 27, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears won 20-17.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In a report by Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Drew Rosenhaus reportedly sent a league-wide email to NFL teams stating that the Chicago Bears would listen to offers for tight end Greg Olsen.

However, 11 minutes later Rosenhaus sent another email telling the recipients to disregard the previous statement.

This all sounds too familiar, with the Bears reportedly having been ready to ship Olsen out to the New England Patriots last year; however the trade never happened, resulting in the Patriots' drafting Rob Gronkowski.

The confusing part of this story is that the Bears apparently told Rosenhaus that he could talk to teams interested in trading for Olsen, then changed their minds a short time later.

Was it down to unexpected demand for the former first-round pick from Miami?

Was it due to a communication error between the Bears and Rosenhaus? It wouldn't have been the first communication error involving the Bears, given the events which transpired during the draft and the no-trade with the Baltimore Ravens.

Was it simply down to the fact that the Bears realized they would be losing a very consistent red-zone target who has a great rapport with Jay Cutler?

The role of tight ends in a Mike Martz offense, in which they are used more for their blocking than for their pass catching, has been well documented.

The trade talk also shows how the Bears may want to continue this philosophy after signing Brandon Manumaleuna last offseason and undrafted free agent Andre Smith from Virginia Tech this season, both of whom are known for their blocking skills.

Whilst every man and his dog realizes the Bears need a tall receiver, it baffles me that they would try and trade a tight end who stands 6'5" and has the skill set of a wide receiver.

Olsen scored five touchdowns last year—tied for highest on the team—whilst also reeling in 41 receptions for 404 yards.

It isn't clear what the Bears would have been looking for in return for Olsen, whether it would have been along the lines of a second-round pick or if they were looking for a player in return.

But with Olsen's contract up next year, this series of events may be showing that the Bears aren't interested in signing him to a big deal.

Whether Olsen is on the trade block or not, teams around the league will be interested in the 26-year-old.

However, Chicago must figure out whether they are looking to shop him or if they want to sign him to a long-term deal.

UPDATE: The Chicago Bears signed Matt Spaeth, a third round pick in 2007 by the Steelers and weighing in at 270lbs, Spaeth is a big tight end. This almost definitely puts Greg Olsen on the trading block as Mike Martz is getting his way with the offense.

The asking price for Olsen last year was reportedly a second. With the new influx of tight ends and another year gone by, you have to think that the asking price may have decreased.

UPDATE part two: This story just won't settle, twists and turns aplenty! Brad Biggs reporting on Twitter that Chicago will release Brandon Manumaleuna. So maybe it's not all doom and gloom for Greg Olsen.