MLB Trades: Why Carlos Beltran to the San Francisco Giants Is a Good Move

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJuly 28, 2011

MLB Trades: Why Carlos Beltran to the San Francisco Giants Is a Good Move

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    Carlos Beltran was traded to the San Francisco Giants.

    Both parties involved agreed that the deal is a good fit.

    Beltran waved his no trade clause and the Giants were willing to part with a top-pitching prospect.

    But is the deal really as sweet as it seems? Were the Giants feeling pressured to get another bat into a line up that—at certain times this season—really appears in need of one?

    Beltran could moving to resurrect his career. He has put up good numbers so far, but there have been times during his stint with the Mets when he did not live up to expectations.

    Here is what each party brings to the table.

Carlos Beltran

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    Beltran brings a big right-handed bat, which is probably the main reason San Francisco wanted him.

    The Giants haven’t had the most potent offense—other than Pablo Sandoval—so Beltran is a major improvement in a somewhat lackluster area of the team's roster.

    Bright spots have appeared in the Giants' games, but they do not look like the magical team that became World Series Champions last season.

    Carlos Beltran brings a fresh bat in to try and bring that magic together again.

    His fire and need for a bit of reinvention will be a bright spot for the Giants and their manager, Bruce Bochy.

San Francisco Giants

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    The Giants bring a new home and a comfortable atmosphere for Beltran's restart.

    The team's roster includes a number of players that get along well and if Beltran is able to mesh with them, it will translate onto the field.

    Of course, the Giants are also the defending World Series Champions. Naturally, this means that they have a target on their back. Luckily for Beltran, the team has the drive to keep their title, which could be the fuel that Beltran needs to continue to develop as a player and possibly join the ranks as a World Series Champion.


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    Both parties involved in the deal bring something to the table, but the San Francisco Giants are getting a much better deal than Carlos Beltran.

    Beltran should have been pushing to be dealt to an American League team where he could occasionally assume the designated hitter role.

    This move would give longevity to his career. As he approaches the twilight of his career he could assume the role more and more, allowing him to do what he does best.

    The Texas Rangers would have been a good option and were at one time believed to be at the same level with the Giants' offers.

    The Giants got a big bat and greatly improved their offense with the addition of more firepower.

    If Bochy is able to unlock Beltran’s potential again then he has just made a crucial addition that will help the Giants make a playoff run again this season.