10 Realistic Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Free Agent Prospects

Justin SparksCorrespondent IIIJuly 26, 2011

10 Realistic Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Free Agent Prospects

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the handful of teams rumored to be in the market for Nnamdi Asomugha. The Eagles have also been linked with the expected trade for Kevin Kolb to Arizona for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and additional compensation. Both of these rumors for whatever reason seem far fetched to me. The Eagles have a ton of room under the cap, but they also have several needs they could fill on defense.

    The Asomugha deal seems far-fetched to me. The Eagles run a prudent organization under Andy Reid, always have, and always will. Just because they will be required to spend almost thirty million does not mean they will blow most of their money on one guy.

    There is no doubt Asomugha is the best guy on the market, but they are shopping for multiple toys, not one expensive, flashy toy.

    The Eagles will certainly look into receiving a starting caliber player for Kevin Kolb with whomever they trade with, but I am not sold on the fact that they have excluded other teams from the negotiations just yet. Free agents are not allowed to practice with their teams until August 4th biding time for the Eagles to shop Kolb around for a few extra days.

    The Eagles really need to fill holes at several positions across the defensive depth chart besides just a right cornerback. The following is a list of free agents that seem like more reasonable picks for the Philadelphia Eagles.

1. Johnathan Joseph

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    Johnathan Joseph

    The Philadelphia Eagles clearly need a starting cornerback opposite of Asante Samuel. Nnamdi Asomugha is by far the best cornerback on the market, if not, the best player period on the market.

    However, Johnathan Joseph presents the best bang for your buck. Joseph would be a great addition that makes sense under Andy Reid. Better value and entering his prime with pro-bowl caliber skills.

2. Cullen Jenkins

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    The Green Bay Packers defensive lineman would fill a great need along the Philadelphia Eagles defensive line. Rumors coming out of Philadelphia are that Juan Castillo will be switching to a cover-2 defense making the defensive line the key source for quarterback pressure.

    The versatile Cullen Jenkins would attract attention freeing up Trent Cole from constant double teams. Jenkins would also provide great run support in an NFC East division that has three teams who love to run the ball.

    Not to mention his game would improve immensely under new defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

3. Ike Taylor

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    Ike Taylor may not be the top caliber corner available, but he is in the top five on the market. He would  transition crossing from western Pennsylvania to eastern Pennsylvania.

    He is a solid, tough cornerback who would compliment Asante Samuel in the Eagles secondary. And by compliment, I mean he can actually tackle in the flat.

4. Matt Roth

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    The Cleveland Browns linebacker would be able to fill the outside linebacker position if Andy Reid decides to let the injury prone Stewart Bradley walk in free agency. The late season performance by then rookie Jamar Chaney could have swayed the Philadelphia Eagles brass to move him to the middle linebacker position and bring in fresh blood.

    The Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert has a long-standing relationship with the Eagles. The close relationship could be good for business and allow them to pick up Matt Roth at a great value.

5. Paul Posluszny

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    The former Penn State Nittany Lions linebacker has come out this week saying he wants to test the free agency market. Who could blame him? If you get a chance to escape the frozen prison of the Buffalo Bills you take it.

    The Philadelphia Eagles could attract Posluszny with his obvious ties to Pennsylvania. He would certainly improve the linebacker position for the birds after they whiffed on Ernie Simms last year.

    The Eagles need to act fast with the New York Giants reportedly interested in the linebacker as well.

6. Roman Harper

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    You may question this pick, but it is a position of need. The Philadelphia Eagles most likely will let Quintin Mikell test the free agency market. Leaving a second year guy in Nate Allen, who is recovering from a season ending injury, and the Temple University rookie Jaiquawn Jarret as their two starters at safety.

    Personally, I like both of them and their complementing skills. Allen can cover and Jarret can play in the box assisting in run support. That said, they are still first and second year players.

    Roman Harper is a reliable option and a veteran to mentor the youngsters.

7.Antonio Cromartie

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    The New York Jets defensive back could be on the short end of the Jets’ free agency plans in the next week or so. The New York Jets seem keen to resign Santonio Holmes at wide receiver, which will probably cost them a small fortune since it will be his last sizeable contract.

    The Philadelphia Eagles need a cornerback that can be Asante Samuel’s wingman. Cromartie would be a vast improvement from Dimitri Patterson. Actually, anyone would be an improvement, but I digress.

8. Clint Session

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    A top 50 overall prospect on the free agency market, Clint Session could be the addition the Philadelphia Eagles are looking for at linebacker.

    Until the Eagles resign Stewart Bradley they will continue looking for a replacement. Even if they do resign Bradley, Session would be a viable replacement for Ernie Simms, adding depth to the position.

    He is recovering from a season ending injury in 2010, but that has not stopped the Eagles from signing players before. They believe they can get players on the cheap coming off an injury and let them test the waters to see if they pan out.

    It's a numbers game with the Eagles. Bring in as many guys as possible with potential and see who is successful.

9. Dawan Landry

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    The Baltimore Ravens have wasted no time making moves in the free agency market. They started by cutting what they believe to be dead weight, choosing to take advantage of the wide-open market rather than re-sign aging veterans.

    The Philadelphia Eagle secondary has a desperate need for experience at the safety position until Nate Allen and Jaiquawn Jarret get caught up to speed sometime during the season.

    This NFL season will be different than any other and having veterans who can adapt quickly will be priceless come September.

10. Ray Edwards

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    The Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman has started to circulate the rumor mill in Philadelphia the last few days. Even the Philadelphia Eagles team website commented on the possibilities of a move for the defensive lineman.

    Ray Edwards would be a substantial pick up for the birds providing Juan Castillo and Jim Washburn with another pro-bowl caliber defensive addition.

    The Philadelphia Eagles may have to pay a little more than they desire to attain his services, but sometimes you have to pay a little extra to receive the finer things in life.