NFL Free Agency: 15 UDFAs Signed by Pittsburgh Steelers and Chances To Make Team

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2011

NFL Free Agency: 15 UDFAs Signed by Pittsburgh Steelers and Chances To Make Team

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    The NFL lockout is finally over and the Pittsburgh Steelers have reportedly signed 15 undrafted free agents to the roster.

    The Steelers made some great choices in my opinion and although most of these guys will not make the team, someone always surprises in camp.

    Here is the list of who the Steelers signed and what kind of shot I give the guy to make it onto the roster.

    To see the list of Steelers undrafted free agents go here.

Vaughn Charlton, TE/HB (Temple)

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    Vaughn Charlton started his career at quarterback and would be able to provide some versatility to the Steelers if he made the team.

    He has decent hands and if he can show something in the blocking game, then I think he has a real shot to take either Matt Spaeth or David Johnson’s spot on the roster.  

John Clay, HB (Wisconsin)

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    I was actually surprised that John Clay was not drafted in April and I think the Steelers could’ve gotten a steal here if he is in shape and has a great camp.

    The Steelers need more of a third-down back than another power back. However, if Jonathan Dwyer doesn’t show some development in camp, I can see Clay making the roster or at least the practice squad.

Terrence McCrae, WR (Ohio)

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    The Steelers always love to bring in big receivers to camp and I actually think there is a shot someone comes out of nowhere at the position this year.

    Either Antwaan Randle El or Arnaz Battle could be cut which would open the door for a guy like McCrae, who could become a good red-zone threat.

Armand Robinson, WR (Miami University)

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    As I said in the previous slide, I do think there could be a spot opening up at receiver so Armand Robinson does have a chance.

    Robinson had a great year last season, although I think he is going to have to show a lot in camp to make the team.

Adam Mims, WR (Furman)

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    Mims is at a disadvantage in my opinion because he does not have great speed or size, so he would really have to have a tremendous camp to make the team.

    I never like to count out someone, especially a guy that I have not personally seen play, however it’s probably a long shot for Mims on the Steelers.

Weslye Saunders, TE (South Carolina)

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    Weslye Saunders probably has one of the better chances to make the team, although he does have some off-the-field problems and is coming off injury.

    If healthy though, Saunders could definitely become an offensive threat for the Steelers and hopefully take Matt Spaeth’s job.

Colin Miller, C (Central Michigan)

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    Offensive line is actually one of the positions that I do not think has any openings at the moment on the Steelers.

    Miller could make the practice squad since he plays center. However, the line is probably just a little too crowded on the active roster.

Trevis Turner, OT (Abilene Christian)

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    As I said for Colin Miller, the offensive line on the Steelers should be pretty set with returning starters and a great draft.

    The practice squad is a good possibility though for Turner given the injuries the Steelers went through last season on the offensive line.

Brett Greenwood, S (Iowa)

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    Brett Greenwood could become a guy who comes out of nowhere for the Steelers either this season or next season, just like we all expect Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith to be.

    Ryan Clark is getting older and Ryan Mundy may not be the answer, which could open the door for Greenwood to make the team on special teams this season and maybe do more next year.

Niles Brinkley, CB (Wisconsin)

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    The cornerback position on the Steelers is really up in the air at this point, even if Ike Taylor does not leave in free agency.

    The Steelers could cut Keenan Lewis and William Gay, which would leave spots open to rookies Curtis Brown, Cortez Allen and Niles Brinkley.

Eric Clanton, OLB (Citadel)

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    With the Steelers drafting another linebacker in the draft, I do not really see any roster spots open, unless the team cuts Larry Foote.

    Clanton looks like just a guy to bring in for camp at this point since the Steelers already have good young guys in Jason Worilds, Stevenson Sylvester and fellow rookie Chris Carter.

Mario Harvey, MLB (Marshall)

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    I thought Mario Harvey had a good shot to be drafted by the Steelers in April and I do like him as a prospect, however, as I said, I do not know if there is room for another linebacker on the Steelers.

    Harvey seems to be a great candidate for the practice squad unless the Steelers decide to go with a complete youth movement and cut Larry Foote.

Miguel Chavis, DE (Clemson)

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    Miguel Chavis actually played nose tackle in college so he has the experience if the Steelers needed it. However, I do not think there is any shot he makes the team.

    The Steelers may cut Aaron Smith though, so if Chavis shows a lot in camp then there’s a chance, although I think the best case for him is the practice squad.

Anthony Gray, DT (Southern Miss)

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    Anthony Gray was another guy that I thought could have been drafted by the Steelers in April, however this is more of a future signing to me than anything by the team.

    If the team does not bring back Chris Hoke there is an opening at defensive tackle, but the Steelers like to take the time to develop the position, so Gray could see the practice squad for a few years.

Eric Greenwood, WR (Idaho)

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    The fact that the Steelers have brought in a bunch of receivers to go along with the guys who were already on the roster tells me that there might be an opening up for grabs.

    Eric Greenwood does have great size, however there is going to be a lot of competition for maybe one spot so he will have to really impress to make the team.