Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors: 5 Players Who Could Be on the Move

Dan Renfro@danrenfroCorrespondent IIIJuly 26, 2011

Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors: 5 Players Who Could Be on the Move

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    The Chicago Cubs are sellers at the trade deadline.

    Once again, the Cubbies have been unable to contend, which will result in players leaving the North Side. There are a handful of players that will probably be wearing different jerseys within the next week. Love them or hate them, some of these players will be gone.

    I have compiled a list of the players from the Cubs that have been rumored with other teams. If you have any comments on who I've selected, or if you have heard any newer news, feel free to let me know!

Kosuke Fukudome

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    Kosuke Fukudome has put together a solid career in a Chicago Cubs uniform. He may not have lived up to expectations, but he has certainly been a solid everyday player (granted, on some bad teams).

    According to ESPN's Bruce Levine, four different teams have shown interest in the Cubs outfielder. He provides a consistent left-handed bat and he plays pretty solid defense in the field.

    The Cleveland Indians appear to be a front-runner. With Grady Sizemore hitting the disabled list, they need an outfielder in order to remain on top of the AL Central.

    Fukudome has been a good Cub, but it looks like his time in Chicago may be coming to an end.

Carlos Pena

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    Carlos Pena got off to a brutal start. Then, his power started to kick in, but he has still been unable to keep his batting average above .230.

    That's embarrassing.

    The Chicago Cubs didn't spend too much money on him ($5 million this year), but they would have liked a little production. Still, the Pittsburgh Pirates seem interested in a power-hitting first baseman.

    According to Rob Biertemfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,the division-leading Pirates made an offer for Pena, but were shut down. He could be a great guy to have in that young clubhouse, especially because it looks like they will be competing for the division to the very end.

    Pena has not been a Cub for long, but his stint may be ending soon.

Aramis Ramirez

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    It would be devastating to see Aramis Ramirez leave. He is the last remaining position player from the 2003 NLCS team (five outs from the World Series). Now, he could be leaving the Cubs.

    According to his agent (via Ken Rosenthal), Ramirez could see himself making a move, once his family goes back to the Dominican Republic in August. He has a no-trade clause, but if it meant he could go to a contender, I could see him waiving it. The Angels could use a power bat with playoff experience. Ramirez could bring that to the table.

    Ramirez has had a great career, especially with the Cubs. Whether he stays or goes, I wish him the best.

Alfonso Soriano

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    So, has Alfonso Soriano been worth $136 million?

    Wait, please don't answer that.

    Five years ago, the Chicago Cubs signed Soriano to a monster deal, and it looked like they were going to be serious contenders for many years to come. Unfortunately, Soriano hasn't really delivered. He was an All-Star in his first two seasons, but he has been pretty inconsistent since.

    Now, it looks like the Cubs are going to have to absorb some of his contract in order to get him out of town. Obviously, Soriano wouldn't mind heading off to a contender. His power is spotty, but he could get hot and be a great asset to a good team.

    Soriano has been a pretty solid disappointment for the Cubs. If he is shipped out, I don't think he will be sorely missed.

Geovany Soto

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    Geovany Soto has been a solid catcher for the Chicago Cubs. Now, with the right deal, he could be dealt to a contender looking for a bargain.

    Jason Churchill, of, believes that the Cubs will start by "asking for the moon in return," but for a variety of reasons, he could find himself on the move by Sunday. A team that could use a catcher upgrade ought to go after Soto.

    He needs to start hitting a little better, but his defense makes him an everyday player, regardless of his offense. Once he gets hot, he could be a difference maker on a team making it to the playoffs or not.

    The Cubs probably don't want to trade Soto, but they also would like to avoid his upcoming arbitration. It will be interesting to see what they choose to do with their former All-Star catcher.