NFL Free Agency 2011: 4 Teams That Need Sidney Rice

Matt SmithContributor IIIJuly 25, 2011

NFL Free Agency 2011: 4 Teams That Need Sidney Rice

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    In this upcoming week, their will be a frenzied scramble for the top free agents.

    One of those top free agents is Sidney Rice, the top wide receiver on the market (unless you count Vincent Jackson, the disgruntled, franchise-tagged star.)

    Many teams could use a No.1 WR like Rice. After all, Rice was one of the most dominant receivers in the game before his hip injury.

    There are four teams in particular, though, that are in desperate need of Rice's tremendous talents.

Cleveland Browns

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    Cleveland is going to be a solid team, in about two or three years.

    The Browns are starting to put together a good offensive line, highlighted by Joe Thomas and Alex Mack.

    Unfortunately, they have a dismal receiving corps. Colt McCoy, who is being groomed as the QB of the future, has practically no one to throw to.

    They grabbed a steal in the troubled Greg Little, but he should only start out as the No.3 receiver.

    Unless Cleveland wants to end up with another Top 10 pick in the draft, they should think about spending the big bucks on Sidney Rice.

Minnesota Vikings

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    Christian Ponder won't have a very good welcoming to the NFL if he's stuck in a situation without Rice.

    The Vikings' defensive line is going to lose several starters and that just puts more pressure on the offense.

    He'll have a nice backfield to rely on, as Adrian Peterson is one of the top three running backs in the game and Toby Gerhart is a reliable backup.

    However, the offensive line isn't in a great situation and if Rice leaves, that'll put more pressure on Percy Harvin and Ponder.

    If the Vikings want to keep their rookie QB moderately content, convincing Rice to re-sign is a must.

Washington Redskins

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    The starting QB of the Washington Redskins is apparently going to be John Beck, ranking them last in the NFL in starting quarterbacks.

    The Redskins seem headed for the No.1 or No.2 pick overall in next year's draft, especially with their lack of a star receiver or any offense at all.

    Santana Moss is not a No.1 receiver and third-round pick Leonard Hankerson will end up as the No.3 or No.4 receiver.

    Rice isn't the greatest fit for the Redskins offense, but Dan Snyder is always willing to hand out the big bucks to a big name free agent.

    The Redskins may need Rice, but Rice may not want them.

Chicago Bears

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    Of all the teams on here, this seems to be the best match.

    Cutler was stuck behind a horrible offensive line, given a below average receiving corps and then criticized for not producing like a superstar.

    No one on the Bears receiving squad caught more than five touchdown passes, and no one topped 1,000 yards. The closest person was Johnny Knox with 960.

    By going to Chicago, Sidney Rice would give the Bears the big threat they need.

    The Bears have a ton of cap space and could match any offer another team could offer the former Viking.

    The Bears need a receiver and Sidney Rice wants to go to a contender.

    This seems like a perfect match.