2011 NFL Free Agency: 5 Reasons Why Philadelphia Eagles Should Sign Brett Favre

Sheik Meah@sheikstylesContributor IIIJuly 25, 2011

DETROIT, MI - JANUARY 02:  Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings talks at a post game press conference after a 13-20 loss to the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on January 2, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

So there has been a lot of discussion about the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback situation, which seems to be a yearly thing now. However, with Kevin Kolb most likely going to the Cardinals as early as tomorrow, the Eagles are going to be looking for a QB to back up Mike Vick. Suddenly, Brett Farve's name seems to pop out of nowhere as the person for the job. Many people in national news, as well as locally in Philadelphia, have been saying how bad of an idea this would be for Andy Reid and the Eagles. I'm here to tell you, its actually a great idea and here are five reasons why.


5) You know for a fact it would only be a one year deal.

 They don't call him old grey beard for nothing! Favre is now 42 years old and even he knows his arm doesn't have much left. However, it does have enough to get the Eagles a few games if in fact they need him. And with Mike Kafka on the brink of being ready to be the No. 2 quarterback, you would want a guy who understands he is here to keep a spot warm for the guy behind you. Favre would not only know it's only a one year thing, but would be happy with that as well. Plus Vick would know there isn't someone gunning for the starting job over him. (See Vince Young.) Many people may not believe Favre would want to be a backup, but I'll address that point later.



4) Brett Favre would take media pressure off of these young Eagles and Vick.

 Now most people would think a media circus would follow Favre wherever he goes and that would cause more pressure, but I disagree. If the media is focused on what Favre is doing and if he really wants to be a backup, it's less focus on Super Bowl hopes and how this offense is going to have to step up for a defense that is in the middle of the pack in the league. Bottom line, if everyone is focused on the backup quarterback then everyone else can be a little more at ease.


3) Brett Favre is familiar with the West Coast Offense and the coaching staff.

  If Andy Reid owes his whole career to two guys, its Mike Holmgren and Brett Favre. With that being said, Reid knows what he can get out of Favre and Favre knows exactly what Reid needs out of him. Plus, Favre might be one of the few people who knows the offensive system better than Reid does. Favre could literally walk into a game and run the offense without it missing a beat and Reid isn't going to push the veteran too hard. Plus, he may be able to show Mike Kafka a thing or two. Many people remember he wasn't willing to show Aaron Rodgers anything, but I think this situation will be a little different. I'll address that point later as well.



2) Brett Favre has plenty of playoff experience.

If you don't think that having a backup quarterback with playoff experience on your roster is important, talk to any Chicago Bears fan watching Caleb Hanie trying to get them to a Super Bowl six months ago. If Vick goes down, the season isn't a wash. Not to mention Favre has led quite a few game winning drives in his day. (43 to be exact.) You're not going to get that out of Marc Bulger or any other backup the Eagles could pick up.



1) Brett Favre LOVES the game but has to PROVE he can be around it without being the star.

No one can argue Brett Favre loves the game. Most great players who want to continue to be around the game get into coaching and Favre has already helped coach high school teams and attended practices. But I think Favre would want to do it on a professional level. He is a true NFL junkie. That is why I think he would be willing to be a backup and why he would be willing to show Kafka a few things. He has to prove to people that he can step out of the spotlight and show players a thing or two before someone takes a chance on him to be on a coaching staff. Not to mention if Duce Staley can be a special teams quality control coach for the Eagles, I'm sure Andy Reid could find Favre a spot coaching something with the Eagles.

Bottom line: the Eagles need a reliable veteran as a backup quarterback and Favre is the best option that they could sign. If Favre wants to be around the league and around the game after his playing days, he has to prove he isn't a cancer in the locker room. All it may take is one good season as a backup for people to forget some of the comments and off field issues he has had. Regardless, it will be an interesting thing to keep an eye on.