NFL Free Agents 2011: The Chicago Bears' Top 10 Free Agents to Target

Jake KarmelCorrespondent IIJuly 25, 2011

NFL Free Agents 2011: The Chicago Bears' Top 10 Free Agents to Target

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    Batten down the hatches. Clean up the locker rooms. Unlock the facilities. Earlier this afternoon, I heard the best three words I've ever heard spoken, "Football is back."

    Now you know what this means. Time for free agency.

    Sometimes the draft in April isn't enough for NFL teams. Teams sometimes find out there are still needs to be met. Such is the case with the Chicago Bears.

    Let's take a look at 10 players the Chicago Bears need to target in order to be competitive once again in 2011.

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

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    This target isn't really because of need. It's because Nnamdi Asomugha is that good. The Bears should, at least, throw their name in the mix.

    The Bears have a few solid options at corner in Charles Tillman, Zackary Bowman, Tim Jennings, DJ Moore and Corey Graham, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't at least try for the top free agent out there.

    I wouldn't be upset if the Bears didn't get him, but I would like to see them try.

RG Davin Joseph

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    The O-line for the Bears is old and it's bad. Look back to when Cutler got sacked out of the game against the New York Giants, and when he got knocked out of the game against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC title game. Something has got to give.

    This is where Davin Joseph comes in.

    Roberto Garza is currently at right guard. He's old for an offensive lineman at 32. He needs to go.

    Davin Joseph isn't an All-Pro by any stretch of the imagination. He's no Pro Bowl star, but he could do a better job than Garza.

    Joseph has been a solid player and he's young. He's only 27 years old.

    It's time for the O-line to go young. Chris Williams, J'Marcus Webb, Gabe Carimi, Davin Joseph (if they sign him) and Olin Kreutz (if they re-sign him). Not bad if you ask me.

RG Harvey Dahl

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    The Bears should definitely pursue Harvey Dahl as option No. 2 to Davin Joseph.

    Dahl could fill in nicely at right guard. He's a tad older than Joseph but he has been a very consistent lineman for the Atlanta Falcons.

    He's still younger than Garza, and he could provide a more consistent and healthy option at right guard. Joseph would be signed to a longer deal, but it would be nice to see Dahl in orange and blue for a short period of time.

C Chris Spencer

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    The Olin Kreutz era at center needs to end and end now. He's old. He has a ton of mileage on his body. Someone else needs to step in.

    Why not Chris Spencer? He has not been as good as he was touted to be when he was a first-round pick out of Mississippi, but he has been solid.

    It will be sad to see one of the staples of the Bears leave in 2011 but it's time.

    Good riddance to one of the most consistent Chicago Bears of all time.

WR Sidney Rice

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    Sidney Rice in a Bears uniform is every Bears fan's wet dream. Seriously. It is.

    On a more serious note, currently on their roster, the Bears don't have a wide out ready to play over 6'0". It's munchkin land in Chicago.

    Sidney Rice, when healthy, is the prototype for a deep threat wide receiver. Last season, with no deep threat over 6'0" who can out jump a corner back, Cutler still was able to lead the Bears to the NFC Championship game. Imagine what he can do with a receiver who lines up in the right spot.

    The Bears biggest, gaping hole, in my opinion, is wide receiver. Cutler has been pretty good even though he has no one to throw to.

    If the Bears get a receiver, watch out.

WR Lance Moore

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    If the Bears want to go the cheaper route with the wide receiver, Lance Moore is their guy.

    He has a solid career in New Orleans, catching passes from one of the best QBs of this generation. He's been a part of a solid receiving core alongside Marques Colston. It's about time to make a name for himself.

    In Chicago, he'd be the No. 1 guy. He's big. He can be explosive. He's a smart player (important). Oh yeah, he can catch.

    He'd be the possession guy who can also be a deep threat that the Bears need.

WR Malcom Floyd

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    Malcom Floyd is another name that could be on the cheaper side.

    He's a little older, but he would take the Bears away from the current munchkin land they have lining up next to Cutler.

    Floyd stands high at 6'5", so it is no wonder why he has averaged 17.3 yards per catch in his career. He would be a great addition to the Bears.

    A veteran presence like Floyd can only mean good things for the Bears come 2011.

DT Cullen Jenkins

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    The past few seasons, Cullen Jenkins has been bitten by the injury bug. He's missed 17 games in the past three years.

    Despite that fact, he's a beast.

    He's a force to be reckoned with when he gets to play.

    If the Bears don't re-sign Anthony Adams, or even if they do, Jenkins could be a force to be reckoned with and an upgrade over Henry Melton.

    Ponder this, Bears fans.

    A defensive line rotation consisting of Julius Peppers, Anthony Adams (if he re-signs), Matt Toeaina, Israel Idonije, Corey Wooton and Henry Melton. Good luck to any offensive line that comes against that rotation.

DT Shaun Cody

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    If the Bears don't want to invest in a possible three-down guy in Cullen Jenkins, Shaun Cody could be the way to go.

    Shaun Cody is not a pass rusher anymore. Not even in the slightest bit. He's a two-down guy and a pure run defender.

    In that case, Cody will be cheap. If the Bears plan on investing in a top wide receiver like Sidney Rice, they need to go cheap elsewhere. Shaun Cody is their guy.

DT Anthony Adams

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    Anthony Adams was very solid at defensive tackle in 2010 for the Bears. Adams should be the Bears No. 1 priority this offseason, besides Sidney Rice.

    Adams had 37 tackles last season along with two sacks. He's aging a little bit, but that doesn't mean he can't compete at a high level again.

    Adams could be a part of one of the best defensive line rotations in the entire NFC and NFL in 2011.

    I don't think he should get big money, but he should get two to a maximum of four years. I am confident he has that much left in his body.